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Why We Need You

Alon and I decided to turn a successful meetup group into something much more ambitious in January 2017.

We set out to unify a very fragmented region made up of smaller cities outside of LA’s bustling Silicon Beach and Downtown areas.  Our region suffers from the perception that investors, startups, entrepreneurs, talent, jobs, and resources can not be found here.  This perception is caused by how disconnected we are as individuals, organizations, and government agencies.  

To overcome that we have been organizing a steady line up of events that are free to attend and open to the public. These events serve as a catalyst to bring everyone across the region together as a single community, to educate people about the opportunities and resources in their backyard, and to change their perception–you don’t need to leave the area to pursue success.

Alon and I have been doing this almost entirely alone and out of our own pockets.  The priorities have been on growing the largest, high quality network of people from all walks of life and on demonstrating to all of you what benefits and value we offer.

We are at the point now where we feel extremely confident with what we have demonstrated. We are ready to take 805 Startups to the next phase of growth for your benefit.   

We need to do this together. We need your support to generate enough revenue to not only expand on what we have built thus far, but to simply continue bringing you and our shared community the immense support we provide.  If we do not meet the fundraising goal below we will have to call it quits.

This has been an amazing journey thus far. Few things are as rewarding and fulfilling as leading the community through 805 Startups. We have helped people of all ages and backgrounds to not only find their way to pursue a dream, but we have helped some achieve their dreams.  We get to inspire and educate people while helping people build meaningful relationships. Alon and I want to continue this work.

The journey has only just begun, and we hope you join us in taking the next step forward with 805 Startups.

To do so, please register as a Full Member, a Sponsor, or a Client. You can learn more below.

Thank you.


Gary Livingston

President & Director of Experience

Fundraising Goals

Registering More Full Members is Our Top Priority

Having 30 new Full Members subscribed to 805 Startups will allow us to continue to bring the community great events and provide you with support.

Exceeding that goal will allow us to unlock new benefits to bring you. This is a direct result of being able to hire support staff and deploy more resources. 

Unlocking Benefits
  • 30 Members: You save 805 Startups ❤
  • 50 Members: We bring the Pitch To Your Peers event to Four (4) more cities each month in 2019
  • 75 Members: We organize a monthly Happy Hour event
  • 100 Members: We bring our Female Entrepreneurship event series to Two (2) more cities each month in 2019
  • 125 Members: We organize a quarterly Pitch Competition & expand the Pitch to Your Peers event to Ten (10) More Cities
  • 150 Members: We add two more Monthly VIP Lunches: Santa Barbara & Los Angeles
  • 200 Members: We produce an ongoing video series with investors, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs to teach practical skills

We offer a variety of membership subscriptions that provide you with different levels of hands on support to accelerate your success.  Select the membership that fits you best, below.

We Must Reach 30 New Members to Save 805 Startups

Newly Registered Full Memberships

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Additional Ways To Keep 805 Startups ALive

Q4 Innovation & Growth Fair Sponsor

Specialized sponsorship packages designed around our next Innovation & Growth Fair on December 5th. Starting at $1,000

15% off until November 9th

Q4 Innovation & Growth Fair - Workshop Sponsor

Host a workshop at the Fair. You pick the topic and we work with you to design a panel to teach the attendees about your topic.

VIP Lunch Pass

One time passes to attend our next VIP Lunch, on November 30th, for those without a Full Membership. $75 each.

805 Startups Recurring Sponsor

805 Startups Sponsors get attached to all the events and programs taking place in a six month time period. Starting at $7,500

15% off until November 30th

Enterprise Client

We offer specialized services to enterprise clients to assist with community development, business development, event production, deal flow, innovation development, talent acquisition, and culture development. Contracts start at $25,000

Support Partner

If you simply want to support our mission you can register as a Support Partner and choose what you want to pay. Every dollar counts.

December 5th - Free Exhibitor Space for Charities - Toy Drive, Food Drive, Raffles, and Silent Auctions for the Holidays