805 Startups is an experiential marketing and community development firm that produces events and moments of connection between people​ to the benefit of us all.

Leverage our network and events to support your objectives and unlock new opportunities

The 805 Startups Network

Our Meetup Groups

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Great Opportunities To Get Involved

Attend Our Next Regional Innovation & Growth Fair - Dec 5

Come connect with dozens of mentors and 25 exhibitors, sit in on two panels of experts, and participate in our regional non profit holiday drive =)

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Answer our economic impact survey to voice your thoughts on how well we are supporting you and what changes you would like to see from our community leaders

Upcoming Events


Purpose Driven Events for you

We believe in the value of inclusion and provide you with a number of free events.

These provide you with experiences designed to develop

  • Skills
  • Diversity
  • Networks
  • Knowledge
  • Ecosystems
  • Opportunities

Access to resources

We leverage our rapidly growing network to provide you

  • Mentors
  • Industry Insights
  • Expert 
  • Access to investors, government officials, talent, jobs, and more


Paid members can access time with our team to gain benefits like

  • Constructive Feedback
  • Consulting Services
  • Fundraising Support
  • Warm Introductions

and you can gain access to

  • List on our Job Board
  • List on our Resume Board
  • Complimentary Exhibitor Space*
  • Discounts on sponsorship packages
  • Discounted Services From Our Partners/Sponsors
  • Attend our monthly VIP Lunch

*At Innovation & Growth Fair

Become a full member

Unlock a multitude of premium benefits to support your growth

Extra Benefits for Sponsors

We take a contextual approach to helping our sponsors achieve their short term and long terms goals that produces a strategy specifically catered to them

Community Development

We assist you in clearly defining your culture and then we integrate you into our events to rally our community around you

Deal Flow

If you are an investor or a corporation seeking acquisition opportunities we can assist in scouting and vetting potential deals

Business Development

We can work with your internal team or act as your external team to devise ways to connect you with strategic partners to grow your business

Innovation Development

There are many opportunities to promote innovation within your company through our mentors, events, and training programs

Talent Acquisition

We can assist you in attracting talent by highlighting your open positions, company culture, and brand across our events and outreach

Event Production

In addition to integrating you into our existing event schedule we can produce single events or a series of events built around your objectives

Choose the Perfect Plan

If you are looking to get many more benefits through our hands on support, choose a package that fits you best

Monthly Membership Packages



Per month

Get access to the 805 Startups team and our VIP Lunch to further your growth

  • VIP Lunch Access For 1
  • 25% Off Paid Events
  • 25% Off Exhibitor Fees
  • Co-Working Space Deals
  • 1 Introduction Request
  • 1 Feedback Request
  • 1 Pitch Deck Review
  • 1 Job Listing
  • ∞ Resume Listings
  • 60 Minutes of Consultation



Per month

Get extra time with our team and access for two (2) at our VIP Lunch

  • VIP Lunch Access For 2
  • 50% Off Paid Events
  • 50% Off Exhibitor Fees
  • Co-Working Space Deals
  • 2 Introduction Requests
  • 2 Feedback Requets
  • 2 Pitch Deck Reviews
  • 5 Job Listings
  • ∞ Resume Listings
  • 90 Minutes of Consultation



Per month

For teams or companies looking for more serious support, extensive consulting time, brand recognition across our network, and more

  • VIP Lunch Access for 5
  • Free Access to Paid Events
  • 2 Free Exhibitor Spaces
  • 50% off Exhibition Fees for your network
  • Co-Working Space Deals
  • 5 Introduction Requests
  • 4 Feedback Requests
  • 4 Pitch Deck Reviews
  • ∞ Job Listings
  • ∞ Resume Listings
  • 4 hours of Consultation
  • Listed as Community Sponsor
  • 10% off Sponsorship Packages

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