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805 Regional Voter Guide

We believe the following candidates will improve our communities and grow our local economies

Agoura Hills

Deborah Klein Lopez - City Council

Deborah has been very active with 805 Startups since beginning her campaign for city council. She learned about our community while canvasing door to door to meet the residents in Agoura. Deborah has been a great listener to everyone she has encountered, no matter their age or background. She has been extremely passionate and hard working to get to know the people she hopes to represent. Deborah understands we must find a balance between conservative preservation of what makes Agoura special and a controlled growth that will fuel economic development. Deborah would be an amazing addition to the Agoura City Council.


Shawn Mulchay - City Council

Shawn is a life long resident of Camarillo and an entrepreneur. Shawn has a great temperament and thirst for innovation. He understands that innovation happens most effectively when you're exposed to many different perspectives and persons. Diversity drives a natural state of thinking outside the box. Shawn knows that diversity is just another form of inclusion and to make Camarillo thrive as a local economy and as a community he needs to represent all of the city's residents. Shawn has been spending his time at our Camarillo events, staying well past the scheduled time in order to get to know what you are struggling with to grow your career or business in the city you share. Shawn brings a deep and personal understanding of what makes Camarillo great and what it needs to continue to thrive. Shawn is a product of the city and would be a wonderful leader to represent the city's residents and businesses.

Angus Simmons - City Council

Angus is a fresh face to the City of Camarillo. He brings immense experience negotiating and collaborating with multiple people and organizations on the international stage. Angus and his family fell in love with the small town charm of Camarillo and has been active in participating in the community since arriving. Since launching his campaign, Angus has spent a lot of time with us at our events and with Pharos Center for Innovation to learn what his fellow residents would like to see their city improve and preserve. Angus shares a passion for innovation and wishes to help the city break away from trying to solve new problems with outdated solutions that no longer work.


Aaron Starr - City Council

Aaron Starr is a very outspoken individual that has not been shy about calling out the current city leadership for their failure to lead by example. The impressive aspect of this is how Aaron demonstrates a dedication to be a leader that gives others an example to follow. This extends to even the most basic of things, such as not placing his campaign signs in unauthorized places or using signs that exceed allowable sizes--something incumbent city council members refuse to abide by. Aaron's dedication to making Oxnard a better place to live and work is obvious upon visiting his site or speaking with him. He has done extensive research to identify and address the many issues the city and its residents are facing. Aaron is extremely generous with his time and eager to listen to your concerns and ideas. He places great value on the context of things, is very flexible, and open minded as a leader. Aaron would be fantastic addition to your city council.

Santa Barbara

Oscar Gutierrez - City Council

Oscar was born and raised on the Westside. Oscar brings an intimate understanding of the unique and charming history of the city, as well as an honest voice about what needs to change to ensure Santa Barbara can provide for all of the residents and not just the tourists. We appreciate Oscar's fresh perspective and dedication to civil service and to his city. He understands that the city council needs to find new ways to address long standing problems, like the immense need for more affordable housing to retain and attract a skilled workforce for the local economy. His vision isn't about compromising what makes SB great. It's about finding ways to collaborate and innovate long term solutions that benefit all of SB. He was recently elected in a special election and would do a great job with serving for a full term.

Thousand Oaks

Claudia Bill-de la Peña - City Council

Claudia has been one of 805 Startups most active supporters since Alon first began building a community of innovators in his childhood home of Thousand Oaks. 805 Startups would not be where it is today without her encouragement and dedication to our shared vision of Thousand Oaks being a viable alternative to Silicon Beach. Claudia is a fantastic choice for your vote and will continue to work to modernize the city while preserving the wonderful aesthetic, culture, and open spaces that make TO one of the best cities to live within. We are extremely proud of Claudia's work to better the City of Thousand Oaks and we fully back her re-election to continue the building on her past successes.

Joel Price - City Council

Joel has done a fantastic job in his first term and has earned a chance to build on that success. Joel has been a great supporter of 805 Startups and is always willing to hear from us as we share your concerns and ideas with him. Joel has been a resident of Thousand Oaks for over 28 years now and is a great representative of the community. He is dedicated to preserving what we all love about TO while addressing the need to stay relevant as we all march forward into an ever evolving future. We fully encourage you to vote for Joel.

Bill Gorback - Conejo School Board of Education

Bill is a retired counselor and teacher. He has training and exudes the values you want in a leader in any community role. Bill brings a unique voice to the board that opens the door to better communication to the teachers in the district and has intimate knowledge of what they are faced with each day. Bill would improve the board and lead to great things for the entire district.

Cindy Goldberg - Conejo School Board of Education

Cindy has extensive experience working with CVUSD leadership and an incredibly strong dedication to the positive development of the children in the district. She has a track record of successful collaborations within the district. She would be an outstanding addition to the board and lead to great things for the community.

Jenny Fitzgerald - Conejo School Board of Education

Jenny is a young parent that can bring a fresh perspective to the board. She had great experience working as an advocate and will leverage those skills to build effective collaborative relationships between teachers, administration, and parents. Jenny has a goal of establishing a more accountable leadership that puts the children first, rather than political agendas.

Westlake Village

Brad Halpern - City Council

Brad is running for re-election and is deserves another term. Brad has been an outstanding leader for the city and Conejo Valley. He has demonstrated the ability to be a flexible and inquisitive leader that doesn't allow his gut emotions to call all the shots. His entrepreneurial experience puts a strong focus on the facts and allowing strong data to serve as his compass while leading the city forward into the future. Brad places a strong emphasis on making sure new developments represent the spirit and culture of Westlake Village. He's a great choice for your vote.

Ventura County

Jacqui Irwin - Assembly Member, 44th District

Jacqui's commitment to representing everyone in her district is something that few could miss. She spends immense time traveling across the district meeting with people of all types. She's been a very strong supporter of 805 Startups and our many initiatives to improve our communities and local economies. Jacqui has been immensely encouraging and makes sure to give us a voice to represent you among the many committees she is involved in. Jacqui understands that innovation is something that we should all strive for and believes that it comes from the inclusion of everyone and she works hard to make sure we all have the opportunity to be included. We fully support Jacqui's work thus far and encourage you to vote for her so she can continue to build on what she has already done.

Dianne McKay - VCCCD Board, Area 2

Dianne McKay is incredibly inspirational. We were honored to have her join us as a speaker at one of our events where she shared her journey and the lessons learned as a daughter, a mother, a career person, and a business owner. She places great value on playing a positive role in our shared community and makes time for anyone that needs it. This dedication to the community translates to her work on the Ventura County Community College District. She's a wonderful voice on the board that brings a diverse blend of relevant experiences along with her that can speak to the many paths students may walk as they pursue their personal and professional growth.

Paula Nathan - Ventura County Board of Education for Area 2

Paula Nathan has been a very dedicated member of the community, participating on five education related boards. She has also attended every VCBOE and CVUSD meeting since before she announced her candidacy. Paula is a parent to a special needs child and would bring a very unique and needed perspective to the board, on top of her amazing dedication to the role on the board. Paula is also going the extra mile and has been taking Career Technical Education classes, that are county run, in order to learn first hand how the programs operate and take notes on how to improve them as a member of the board. She's a great choice for your vote!

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