Sponsor a Workshop Station

Workshop Station Sponsorship Packages

Basic Package

• Each Workshop Station features a panel of up to four people and runs for 60 minutes

• You pick the topic you want your workshop to cover, e.g. “How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign” or “How to Run an Effective Content Marketing Campaigns”

• We fill the extra panel seats with strategic persons that you would most benefit from connecting with

• We assist you in designing your workshop to ensure it has the most lasting impact and provides the most benefits to you and the community

• Traditional Marketing push through social media, newsletters, media partners, and digital channels, leading up to the event, to focus on your Workshop Panel

Video Capture Package

Also Includes

• Crew to record video and audio of your Workshop

• Video will be edited with your branding and URL

Premium Video Capture Package & Marketing Push

Also Includes

• Video edited down into clips for social media 

• Name plates with company names and URL digitally placed under each panelist when they first appear in each clip

• Post event Content Marketing push to share your clips through social media channels in order to highlight your contribution to the community and strengthen your brand and value proposition