Sponsor an Elite Workshop Station

Elite Workshop Stations

Our Elite Workshop Stations are fully branded workshop stations designed to integrate your company into the event, utilizing experiential marketing tactics.  

An Elite Workshop Station drives more authentic engagement with your brand and team members than a standard workshop can.  You’ll generate more trust within the community and increase your influence as a result of taking on a leadership role.

You can learn more about each workshop package at the bottom of the page.

Workshop Station Sponsorship Packages

Basic Package

• Each Workshop Station features a panel of up to four people and runs for 60 minutes

• You pick the topic you want your workshop to cover, e.g. “How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign” or “How to Run an Effective Content Marketing Campaigns”

• We fill the extra panel seats with strategic persons that you would most benefit from connecting with

• We assist you in designing your workshop to ensure it has the most lasting impact and provides the most benefits to you and the community

• Traditional Marketing push through social media, newsletters, media partners, and digital channels, leading up to the event, to focus on your Workshop Panel

Video Capture Package

Also Includes

• Crew to record video and audio of your Workshop

• Video will be edited with your branding and URL

Premium Video Capture Package & Marketing Push

Also Includes

• Video edited down into clips for social media 

• Name plates with company names and URL digitally placed under each panelist when they first appear in each clip

• Post event Content Marketing push to share your clips through social media channels in order to highlight your contribution to the community and strengthen your brand and value proposition