Enterprise Client Services

We work with our clients to develop a tailored package that can assist a variety of different objectives.

Contracts start at $25,000 per month with a minimum of a six (6) month commitment.

Community Development

We assist you in clearly defining your culture and then we integrate you into our events to rally our community around you

Deal Flow

If you are an investor or a corporation seeking acquisition opportunities we can assist in scouting and vetting potential deals

Business Development

We can work with your internal team or act as your external team to devise ways to connect you with strategic partners to grow your business

Incubator Program

We can set up and manage an incubator program to help train people to ideate, develop and test products, and bring them to market

Innovation Development

There are many opportunities to promote innovation within your company through our mentors, events, and training programs

Talent Acquisition

We can assist you in attracting talent by highlighting your open positions, company culture, and brand across our events and outreach

Event Production

In addition to integrating you into our existing event schedule we can produce single events or a series of events built around your objectives

Accelerator Program

We can set up and manage an accelerator program to get early stage companies to their next lifecycle stage with the support of mentors, advisors, and contractors

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