Our VIP Lunch Club is Back!

Every Third Friday of the Month

VIP Lunch Club is Back

We are finally back to running in-person events.

You can purchase a stand alone ticket for each month’s lunch event or you can subscribe to become a Full Member of 805 Startups/Startmada.

Full Members get discounts on all of our event ticket prices, access to our new online community, and extra perks. 

We do our best to invite people that are relevant to each attendee to help everyone build the most rewarding relationships during the lunch.

The return of our monthly VIP Lunch Club event is just the beginning.  Becoming a Full Member will help us add more events, improve them and our community, and allow us to bring in more support.

We Are Seeking Mentors! Apply Now!

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How You Can Help

Pick how you want to contribute.  Participating in an activity earns a point. Consecutive participation earns bonus points.

Run Workshops

Schedule one 90 minute workshop per quarter to allow community members to learn from you

Run Group Office Hours

Schedule one 90 minute session per quarter to allow a group of community members to ask you questions

Peer Support Meetings

Participate in at least one of our monthly Peer Support meetings as a Mentor each quarter

Participate in Leadership Meetings

Join our Quarterly Leadership Meeting with our other Mentors and Advisors to help us plan future events, programs, and support services for our shared community

Rewards For Your Support

Become Renowned

We will highlight you in the community as a Mentor and celebrate your leadership across our various platforms and content network (videos, podcast, digital magazine)

Gain Access

We will provide you with discounts, free tickets, listings, ad space, and other marketing opportunities--as well as access to private discussions and channels to connect with other Mentors

Become Influential

We will design opportunities for you to join our events and content network as a speaker or reserve a seat for someone you recommend

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Isaac Newton

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Has 805 Startups Made An Impact In Your Life? Please Let CA Economic Summit Know!

Has 805 Startups Made An Impact In Your Life? Please Let CA Economic Summit Know!

Nominate Gary & Alon as Regional Stewards!

Greetings Friends!

The California Economic Summit is accepting nominations for Stewards from across the state for their upcoming annual event.

If 805 Startups has made an impact in your life it would be incredibly appreciated and beneficial for you to nominate our founders, Alon Goren and Gary Livingston, as Regional Stewards.

Doing so will help open the door to many more resources to 805 Startups.  That could include grants, access to more prominent mentors, and bigger sponsorships.  All of this and more would allow 805 Startups to do more for you and the rest of our shared communities!

Where to Nominate Alon & Gary

Their Contact Information

  • Gary
  • Gary@805startups.com
  • Alon Goren
  • Alon@805startups.com

Our Impact at a Glance

300 +
375 +
285 +
Speaker Seats Filled
150 +
Investment Deals Fostered
1350 +
People Trained
1000 +
Careers Supported
2200 +
Businesses Supported
10200 +
New Friends Made

Since 2016 we have been working diligently to improve your quality of life and success rate through healthy communities

Well…Covid sure did disrupt things

We had some big plans for 2020. Big expansion plans. Big sponsors. Big events. Big programs. Then, Covid happened and everything that was in the process of being finalized became null and void due to us not being able to bring people together in person.

It’s been a very frustrating and depressing experience. More so due to us finally being within grasp of achieving the next major milestone in the growth of 805 Startups. We have been making so many sacrifices while focusing almost entirely on proving ourselves to you and the rest of the community–that we live and die by putting the community first. That tactic has put monetization on the back burner. To say we were ecstatic to finally be moving forward with bringing on big sponsors and contracts is an understatement. Finally, we could begin amassing a team! Conversely, watching that all evaporate has been equally devastating.

I know. That’s not an uncommon experience for many founders or people in general throughout this pandemic. It’s been tough. Honestly, it’s been terrible. That’s before you even begin to account for those that have been directly affected by the virus in regards to their health or the health of their loved ones.

Community is important. Now more so than ever before. Especially, with such necessary precautions we must take to avoid the virus and thus avoid others.

Despite all the doom and gloom there is plenty to feel hopeful for. There are lots of wonderful innovations resulting from this ongoing tragedy. It is serving as a catalyst to push many people towards progress–towards making our future brighter.

For us, it’s pushing us to take steps forward with 805 Startups that we have been holding off on. We have to if we want to keep doing this. We must go fully virtual.

In the coming weeks expect a robust line up of events, just like the ones we were throwing in person. Expect a new website with full community features to connect with others and share resources, content, jobs, resumes, and business listings. Expect a lot more opportunities to leverage our shared communities as we all push forward through this terrible situation, together.

We could use any help you can spare. If you believe in our mission and the work we have done, please consider joining us as a Supporting Member

New Supporter Packages are available

We are now offering new ways to show your support for 805 Startups.  Starting at only $2 a month you can help fund our free events and programs that we provide to our shared communities.

It means a great deal to us to be as inclusive as possible.  This is why we do not charge an entry fee to almost all of our events. It is also why we insist on having the lowest registration fees for exhibitors at our flagship event, the quarterly Innovation & Growth Fair, compared to other startup, entrepreneur, and business events produced across the region.

We do not want anyone to have an excuse to not attend.  The more attendance we have, the more connected we make your community. The more connected it is, the more resources and support you have to pursue your growth and success–personally or professionally.

It takes a lot of work and it is not free to produce our events and programs for you.  This is why we need your support.

The more support we have, the more events we can bring you. Not only that, the overall quality of the events and the experience you have will greatly improve when we have more resources.

We deeply appreciate all the support we get.  To show that appreciation, official Supporters will get some extra benefits from 805 Startups.

These benefits range include access to exclusive content in our upcoming Digital Magazine, physical buttons sporting 805 Startups designs, 50% off the VIP Lunch ticket, promotion in the Digital Magazine, and more.  

See all the offered benefits and sign up by clicking here.

Pitch To Your Peers is expanding to more cities

Beginning in 2019, we are expanding our Pitch To Your Peers event to more cities across Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties. 

We have had great success with Pharos Center for Innovation hosting us in Camarillo.  The event has been rewarding for the presenters, audience, and 805 Startups.  Everyone leaves the event with more knowledge and more confidence as a result of the supportive environment and academic approach to providing constructive criticism.  This also leads to new bonds be developed between those in attendance.  It is a wonderful thing the community needs more of.

This success has driven us to bring this platform to many others in our shared communities.  We are very excited to be in the process of finalizing a monthly events in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Westlake Village, San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles.  A full year’s worth of events should be announced the first week of the new year.

Ideally, we would be hosting this event in many more cities across the region.  If you would like to help that be reality, please join us as a Supporter or Full Member.

A call to our women members and the men that want to support them

Late in 2017 an amazing group of our women members worked with 805 Startups to launch a new event designed to highlight inspirational women in the region.

The Female Entrepreneurship Meetup saw a successful start in its first two events with a combined attendance of over 100 people, largely made up of women.

It is no secret that there is a lack of diversity and representation of women in the worlds of entrepreneurship, technology, and startups.  That is why all of us were so excited to see a couple events that flipped the usual balance of genders in attendance.

We want to build on that momentum and have officially launched this event as a monthly series.  You can view the entire schedule on our meetup page.

Our goals are to help women connect with each other for support and motivation, to highlight exceptional women that less experienced women can look up to for inspiration, to provide a platform that encourages women to speak honestly about the unique hardships they face in growing a business or career, and to help move the needle closer to the middle in regards to a more diverse and balanced melting pot of persons represented at our events, in tech, in entrepreneurship, and in startups.

Please help us achieve these goals by attending this series of events and do all you can to invite the women in your life to attend with you. This series of events, like almost all of our events, is free. So, no excuses to stay home!

Now that you understand how important this is to us, I am extremely excited to announce our first Female Entrepreneurship Meet Up of the year is this coming Monday!

February 5th from 6pm to 8pm at Hub101 in Westlake Village.

Our first speaker is Nikki Jahanforouz, the Executive Producer and Director Of Content Development at Golden Voice.

For those of you that might not recognize the name, Golden Voice, they are behind festivals like Coachella, Firefly, Stagecoach, FYF, and the recent one-off Desert Trip.  Oh, they also produce about a million concerts and tours around the world.

Nikki is an incredible person that has led an amazing life. She has worked very hard to achieve her success. That success has been a struggle at times due to the well known “boys club” that exists in the film, television, and music industries she has been a part of.

We have no doubt that you will enjoy hearing from her and speaking with her about all things entrepreneurship, career development, film, television, and music.

We look forward to see you all on Monday! Remember, we need your support to make this series a success.

RSVP Here:


October Recap – KiwiTech & Crowdfunder Prize Winners

Greetings Everyone!

We had a wonderful month with two amazing events and a combined 400 attendees.

Startup & Job Fair with Startup & Investor Panels

This week we had our first Startup Fair and both the general audience and the investors got to vote for their favorite startup on the expo floor.

The event was a lot of fun to organize and even more rewarding to see all of you there.

For those that missed the event our awesome video production partners, Triodyssey, was kind enough to film the first three panels and will make the footage available for you all shortly.

Now, on to announce the winners!

Audience Choice Winner:

Coding Autism

They will be receiving $15,000 in tech services from KiwiTech


An Accelerator package (value is $2,000) from Crowdfunder

Investor’s Choice Winner:

Repwatch Technologies

They will be receiving $15,000 in tech services from KiwiTech

We Want to Give Special Thanks

To Soan and Partysserie for helping with logistics and support.

To our incredible speakers:

David Cremin (Frontier Venture Capital)

Tony Sziklai (Jooster, Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship)

Jim Andelman (Rincon Ventures)

Mohsin Syed (KiwiTech)

Ryan Azlein (Stradling Attorneys at Law)

Bahman Zakeri (Xivic)

Nicole Klein (Betagig)

Stefani Washburn (Xivic)

Paul Shrater (Co-Founder and COO of Minimus, COO of Indelicare)

Ara Babaian (Encore Law Group)

Andrew Tomat (Teradyne)

Blake Baxter (Blackrun Ventures)

Steven McClurg (Crowdfunder,Guggenheim Partners)

To Ryan Azlein, of Stradling Attorneys at Law, for getting the ball rolling on this event by putting together his panel.

To KiwiTech, Xivic, and Crowdfunder for taking the lead on providing supporting capital and prizes to put on a more impactful event for you all.

To Triodyssey for filming our panels.

and to our long term sponsors for continuously supporting us and the startup ecosystem we are all a part of: Stradling Attorneys at Law, Numberwise, and SoCal IP!

October VIP Lunch

We had a great lunch today with our VIP members.  It was at a new restaurant in the Thousand Oaks Mall called, Deliteful Meals.

The food and space definitely stood up to the name. It was surprisingly delicious. Especially, when you take a moment to consider all the food was gluten free.

I’m not sure how much experience you have with trying gluten free food but, it usually doesn’t stand up to regular food. haha.

If you’re interested in a new place to try that is fresh, healthy, and outstanding we suggest you give them a try for your next lunch or dinner.

They also have music performances Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 5:30pm!

Again, special thanks to Soan and Partysserie for helping with this event, thanks to Deliteful Meals for providing their space and food, and thanks to our sponsors!

805 Startups is happy to announce being a media partner to Vator’s Splash LA October 2016 Event

805 Startups has become a Media Partner for the 6th Annual Vator Splash LA conference coming up on October 13th at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

It looks to be a really great event with some outstanding speakers.

In fact, the speakers at this years event include

  • Mark Cuban (one of the hosts of Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks)
  • Brian Lee (Founder & CEO, Honest Company)
  • Leura Fine (Founder & CEO, Laurel & Wolf )
  • Nick Green (Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Thrive Market)
  • Tri Tran (CEO & Co-founder, Munchery)
  • Adam Goldenberg (Founder & CEO, JustFab)
  • Andre Haddad (CEO, Turo)
  • Mike Jones (Founder, Science)

and many more.

It’s a full day of intimate fireside chats, some panels, lunch, dinner, and drinks.

If any of you would like to attend Vator has given us a discount code to share with you:




Review of the August 31st Startup Pitch/Demo Event

Hello 805 Startups!

Here is the review our Startup Pitch/Demo Event.

  • Over 57 startups applied to present
  • Those startups operate out of San Diego, Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Los Angeles, and Conejo Valley
  • Over 225 people attended
  • Barone’s Pizzeria and Clean Living Food brought some amazing grub!
  • So Cal IP provided a provisional patent filing to Klickly for winning the Judges Vote
  • Hub101 and Cal Lutheran University also provided Klickly with a year’s membership to Hub101 for their entire team
  • Many of the presenting startups have been contacted by investors on our panel of judges and by some others in attendance


There were two groups that presented.

Early Stage Startups:






Later Stage Startups:




An we had an amazing panel will judged the Early Stage Startups group:

• Richard Wolpert of Amplify and Accel Partners

• Asher Leids, a successful lawyer and angel investor

• Leonard Lanzi of LAVA and Topanga Ventures LLC.

• Dan Peate of Peate Ventures, Driav, and Hixme

• Steve Kao of Loot Crate


All in all, it was a fantastic success.  We want to thank you for being a part of the event and for your support!

We want to let you all know that we are working more great events before the year’s end for startups to present to the 805 Startups community and our many investors.

Stay tuned for a full calendar year of events!


We want to thank our key sponsors for their support:

Additionally, we would like to thank the following event sponsors for providing outstanding food for the event:

Clean Living Club – cleanlivingclub.com

Barone’s Pizzeria – http://baronespizzeria.com/

Both provide catering options for your next event, office meeting, or party.

Barone’s is even capable of catering up to 25 miles away from either of their two locations.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Big plans are in the works. Expect an announcement shortly.


Gary and Alon