Has 805 Startups Made An Impact In Your Life? Please Let CA Economic Summit Know!

Nominate Gary & Alon as Regional Stewards!

Greetings Friends!

The California Economic Summit is accepting nominations for Stewards from across the state for their upcoming annual event.

If 805 Startups has made an impact in your life it would be incredibly appreciated and beneficial for you to nominate our founders, Alon Goren and Gary Livingston, as Regional Stewards.

Doing so will help open the door to many more resources to 805 Startups.  That could include grants, access to more prominent mentors, and bigger sponsorships.  All of this and more would allow 805 Startups to do more for you and the rest of our shared communities!

Where to Nominate Alon & Gary

Their Contact Information

  • Gary
  • Gary@805startups.com
  • Alon Goren
  • Alon@805startups.com

Our Impact at a Glance

300 +
375 +
Speaker Seats Filled
285 +
Investment Deals Fostered
150 +
People Trained
1350 +
Careers Supported
1000 +
Businesses Supported
2200 +
New Friends Made
10200 +

Since 2016 we have been working diligently to improve your quality of life and success rate through healthy communities