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Events since January 19, 2016


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Workshops Held


People Trained


Weekend Long Incubators


New Businesses Incubated


New Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs


Individual Participants*

Economic Development Impact


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Workforce Development Impact


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Received Support Making a Decision About Their Career*

Community Development Impact


Made New Friends*


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Decided to Help Support Their Community


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New Mentors in The Community*


Other Comunity Organizations Supported*

Additional Ways we supported our cities and counties

Business Expansion, Attraction, and Retention

We connected with a variety of business owners from every industry, market, and level of success to identify their needs and aspirations and act as a liaison between businesses, Cities and Counties, and other organizations to create strong relationships, retain existing businesses, and support their decision making process regarding their location and expansion.

Real Estate & Community Development

With extremely limited resources we established the foundation for a system to identify and provide listings of key opportunity sites and priority development areas, streamline development processes, and create relationships with commercial property owners and businesses to facilitate tenant recruitment. 

We conducted outreach to build strategic relationships with a diverse and balanced representation of stakeholders across our regional economy and acted as matchmakers between them in support of filling the overwhelming commercial real estate vacancies through attracting new businesses to the area and develop more home grown businesses.

Critical Infrastructure

We advocated for the improvement of infrastructure conditions that increase the speed and efficiency of utilities, and decrease travel time for workforce and business operations.  Additionally, we advocated to increase a City’s or County’s stock of affordable homes.

We brought in strategic speakers and mentors that could further inspire and educate both the community and our government leaders in order to help us all make more informed decisions about policy and strategy liked to our critical infrastructure to support the needs of our shared communities to drive successful workforce development, economic development, and community development.

Placemaking & Quality of Life

Through our Culture First approach, we promoted the Cities and Counties in our region as a destination that features a high quality of life, signature events, historic locations, and thriving developments that support dining, shopping, recreation, relaxation, and tourism opportunities.

Our events and programs are designed around showcasing the community and culture that their residents and businesses represent.

Our outreach focused on key themes that further promoted these Cities and Counties.


We marketed Cities and Counties as a desirable and supportive destination by highlighting the community and culture that the residents and businesses represent.

We created opportunities for the community and the governmental leaders to demonstrate these traits to others within their community and to outsiders visiting the area in order to participate in our events or programs.

These opportunities included utilizing key city owned venues; sharing promotional materials; and integrating the city, county, and their programs as exhibitors at our events.

We ran multiple advertising campaigns, in addition to our outreach, to market Cities and Counties both internally and externally built upon the above key themes.


Email Conversations Held


Phone Conversations Held


Meetings Held

We supported these additional objectives through untold hours spent conducting community outreach focused on understanding the needs of our shared communities and our critical infrastructure deficiencies. 

Then, we shared that information to our government leaders through our events and further outreach, and by serving as a conduit connecting the community to the appropriate government leaders.

We also focused a number of our efforts to promote innovation on exploring ways to modernize our cities and counties while strengthening the unique culture found in each area.

*Based on surveying 317 participants and extrapolating to account for an estimated 4,932 unique participants from a pool of 9,976 members across our 8 meetup groups within the region of LA County and Ventura County

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