- Startmada Governmental Network -

A Region Wide Coalition of Your Peers

Who we are

Governmental officials and agency leaders representing every level of government and level of experience from across Southern California.

Together we serve as a peer support network to help make sense of our day to day challenges and address the larger existential threats we all face.

Why we exist

The Startmada Governmental Network is an initiative organized by 805 Startups. 

It is the result hundreds of interviews with founders, investors, and community leaders highlighting how fragmented our regional community is.

Where you fit in

Our combined strength is here to support your success and the success of our ecosystem.

You have a vital role in making us all stronger.  No one has the unique experience and expertise that you possess.

How you benefit

Gain Access to

  • Semi-Monthly Newsletter
  • Monthly Virtual Meeting
  • Members Directory
  • Access to Resources

Learn more about each below!

What the Community is Saying

Let your success become the next story we share

Monthly Virtual Meeting

Every month we organize a virtual meeting for our members.

We start off with quick introductions to cover three key things:

  • What are you working on
  • What you could use support with
  • How you can support others

Then, we propose three key topics affecting us all and spend a few minutes discussing them together.

We conclude the meeting by sharing upcoming events and opportunities to the group.

Semi-Monthly Newsletter

Twice a month we send out an exclusive newsletter to our members.

This newsletter includes:

  • Announcements from our members
  • Announcements from government officials
  • Announcements from community leaders
  • Upcoming Events
  • Recaps from our Monthly Meeting
  • Special deals from our partners

Each newsletter includes a link to a form for you to submit an announcement to run in the next newsletter.

Members Directory

Access a directory of our members to quickly discover new partners and collaborators to fuel your success and the growth of our regional ecosystem

Access to Resources

Leverage the network and 805 Startups to market yourself and discover new resources from all over Southern California

Share Your Needs

Let us know what support you are seeking to fulfill your Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Community Development agendas.


We foster a culture of collaboration. We are all peers and eager to support one another. The more you share what you need support with, the more our coalition can collaborate with you to connect you to the right persons, organizations, or resources to supercharge your success.

Exposure to Constituents

We share your announcements across our other SEVEN networks. Joining our Governmental Network gives your governmental body or agency more visibility and exposure to Venture Partners, CEOs, Non-Profits, Startups, Employees, Freelancers, and Students that are focused on growing the Southern California ecosystem.

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Join our coalition to accelerate your growth and the growth of the Southern California ecosystem that we all share.

We won’t spam you and will only do our very best to only improve your quality of life and the overall success rate of the community.