SoCal IP – March Featured Member

SoCal IP is one of our longest and most supportive sponsors and group of members.

Jonathan Pearce and Mark Goldstein are staples at our VIP Lunches, Innovation & Growth Fairs, and a variety of our other events.

Their entire team is always looking for ways to contribute to 805 Startups and a variety of other great organizations across the entire region.

They aren’t just members or sponsors–they are our trusted mentors.

Every time we encounter them in the community they are eager to offer advice and help others find their way. That advice goes beyond their expert insights into intellectual property law, it spans anything someone needs help with. They might not have all the answers for those other topics, but they are happy to try to point others into the right direction.

We are excited to have SoCal IP join us again as sponsors in 2019 and we look forward to spending much more time together as we help the community grow, together.

Don’t be shy to reach out to them. Even if you’re not sure if your ready to use their services, it never hurts to ask for their advice to see if you’re taking care of your business and IP.