Over 35 Mentors and Think Tanks

You can find a revolving cast of mentors on our expo floor that are excited to share their expertise and advice with you and sit down to join riveting discussions with a variety of Think Tanks

Discover Businesses

Exhibiting businesses on our expo floor will be showcasing what they do, looking for new hires, looking for investors, and looking for partners

Connect With Your Government

Meet representatives from many government agencies looking to connect you to an abundance of resources and learn how they can better serve you

Expert Speaker Panels & Workshops

Sit in on panels featuring experts to help you learn “How to Grow a Business” and “Fundraising and Investment Strategies”. Discover a variety of workshops to help you learn new practical techniques and best practices.

Meet Non-Profits

Explore non-profits from across the region that are intent on supporting you and your community

Over 300 Attendees

Connect with the people from your community that share in the value of promoting growth and innovation.

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