Innovation & Growth Fair - 2019 Q1


March 27, 3pm to 7pm


Taking place


Agoura Hills Recreation Center

29900 Ladyface Court, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

A collaborative experience

Come meet and learn from a wide range of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies that are coming together to offer you more support than any one of us could provide alone.  Your success and growth is a success for our shared community.

Over 35 Mentors and Think Tanks

You can find a revolving cast of mentors on our expo floor that are excited to share their expertise and advice with you and sit down to join riveting discussions with a variety of Think Tanks

Discover Businesses

Exhibiting businesses on our expo floor will be showcasing what they do, looking for new hires, looking for investors, and looking for partners

Connect With Your Government

Meet representatives from many government agencies looking to connect you to an abundance of resources and learn how they can better serve you

Expert Speaker Panels & Workshops

Sit in on panels featuring experts to help you learn "How to Grow a Business" and "Fundraising and Investment Strategies". Discover a variety of workshops to help you learn new practical techniques and best practices.

Meet Non-Profits

Explore non-profits from across the region that are intent on supporting you and your community

Over 300 Attendees

Connect with the people from your community that share in the value of promoting growth and innovation.

Participate in the Event

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Be sure to reserve a spot to guarantee you can participate!  Seating is limited!

Think Tanks

Think Tanks are stations set up for you to join others during the event to discuss hot topics together. 

It is a great way to connect with your community to share ideas, experiences, and methodologies–the fuel for accelerating innovation!

We have a few seats available at each Think Tank to be reserved, others are first come first serve.

Discover More Think Tanks or Lead Your Own During the Event!


We have a selection seats available at each Speaker Panel to be reserved, others are first come first serve.

How and If you should pursue icos or stos

4:00pm to 5:00pm

Paul Monsen

Paul is partner at Digital Asset Advisors, Silicon Valley Blockchain Society LA Team  Lead, entrepreneur and advisor. 

Paull is skilled in Fundraising, Team Building, Management, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), and Leadership across Commercial Real Estate, Emerging Technologies, and Blockchain.

Actively engaged in community building and non profit advisory.

Paul’s three passions are the intersections of 1) finance and technology, 2) human output and energy transference, 3) sustainable food solutions in outer-space.

Charles Kaufman

Securities and corporation finance attorney Charles Kaufman guides growing companies
and entrepreneurs raising capital through STOs, crowdfunding and other traditional
and alternative methods.

A shareholder of Lexcuity PC (formerly known as Homeier
Law PC), he draws on over 20 years’ experience both at global law firms and as general
counsel of a public company to advise his clients in selecting from the array of options
now available for directly reaching investors over the internet, and in executing an
effective and compliant raise.

Within the crowdfunding and STO space, Charles
represents companies seeking capital through Title II (Rule 506(c)), Title III (Reg CF),
and Title IV (Reg A+) of the JOBS Act. For companies already public or seeking to use
JOBS Act crowdfunding as an entry to the public capital markets, he advises on
registered and hybrid offerings, securities law reporting and compliance, corporate
governance and global compliance.

Alon Goren

Alon is a Founding Partner at GHV, Co-Founder of Crypto Invest Summit, LA Blockchain Week, 805 Startups &Investedin. Specialties: Crypto, Crowdfunding, Punk Rock 🙂.

Alon will be leading the discussion and moderating a panel of experts in ICOs and STOs to help you understand if they make sense for your business and how to utilize them.

Fundraising & Exit Strategies, and Investment Strategies

6:00pm to 7:00pm

Asher Leids

Asher is a highly active angel investor with a large portfolio of well known startups like Omaze and Thrive Market. Before being disabled as a result of a drunk driver colliding with him, he was a SEC attorney–previously a partner at Donahue, Mesereau, & Leids LLP.

Asher spends most of his time split between the Greater Los Angeles area and Silicon Valley.  He focuses on companies with strong cultures and agendas designed to benefit society as a whole.  This includes making a concerted effort to find companies founded and lead by women and minorities.

His blunt honesty and drive to help others grow makes him a great mentor and advisor.  You will no doubt get to experience that during the panel discussion with him.


Get exposed to a wide variety of people sharing their passions and experience with you on our expo floor.

You can reserve time with them before the event or walk right up to them–only a few spots are marked reserved.

Icon Legend

🤖 AI/Machine Learning


⛓️ Blockchain/Crypto

🏢 Business / Entrepreneurship

💬 Community Development    

📷 Content Creator (photo/video/writer) 

🔒 Cyber Security

🎓 Education   

⚡ Electrical Engineer


⚕️ Health Care 

👋 HR/Recruiting

🌍International Growth

💵 Investor/M&A

👩‍⚖️ Legal

📋 Logistics 

🎯 Marketing/Sales


📐 Physical Engineer

🎁 Physical Products

🏠 Real Estate

⌨️ Software Engineer/Programmer 

🖥️Software Products 

💻 Web Design/Front End/UX/Graphics


🏢     ⚕️     🌱     🎁     🌍

Avi Dukler – 5pm to 6pm

Kepler Diagnostics, Inc.

Proven business leader who can take emerging technologies and build successful businesses.

My primary interests are in the life sciences and healthcare services fields focusing on biomarkers, new applications for digital health, personalized medicine and molecular diagnostics.

I also have significant international experience and have started built and run operations in Israel, Europe and the U.S. I have completed several transactions including M&A, asset sales, IP licenses, and private and public fund raising.

I would love to meet entrepreneurs and investors with the goal of solving major healthcare problems.

🏢     🎓    🎯     🌍   

Bin Feng – 4pm to 5pm


Successful STEM educational start-up that began with two Kickstarter and one IndieGoGo campaign(s).
Deep knowledge of STEM technology and how you can bring it to the classroom, lowering the barriers for all kids to get involved with STEM from an early age.
Global company that reaches millions of kids and gets them excited about learning, applying logic, critical thinking skills and more – how to generate excitement when you have an idea that can be applied in real life.

I would love to meet STEM educators, school district decision makers, and people that want to be makers or need help pursuing a similar business venture.

⚡      📐     🎁      📈     🏢     👋

Casper Reaves – 4pm to 5pm

 Electronics, Financial Services, Semiconductor, Talent Development, Small Business Operations, Materials Engineering, Marketing

I would love to meet successful consultants, investors, college professors, non-profit leaders, and anyone seeking guidance in entrepreneurship or physical engineering.

📈 💵

Chuck Best – 5pm to 6pm


Past CFO of young start-ups and two public companies. Operationally focused, but with considerable M & A experience.

I would love to meet with entrepreneurs of any type and any stage of their development. I’m here to help.

🏢     🏠     🎯

Chris Ware – 4pm to 5pm

Medical Launch now

I’m an emotional leader who specializes in building world-class teams under demanding circumstances.

As an expert in medical device product development, operations, and regulatory strategy, I am an adviser and investor for early-stage medical technology companies.

I would love to meet entrepreneurs in the medical technology space who may benefit from my experience as well as those seeking early-stage (pre-seed / seed) round funding.

Furthermore I’m interested in meeting potential investment partners who share the same values and interests as I do.

🎓    🏢    

Cynthia Escobar – 6pm to 7pm

The Power of Spirit

I am a Professional Speaker, LifeMastery Consultant and DreamBuilder Life Coach.

I would love to take you on a journey into 3 essential transformational principles in achieving success.

The key topics would be Clarity is Power, Decision and Befriending Fear.

This is a talk that would speak to any individual seeking success.

I would love to meet professionals seeking greater time and financial freedom.

⛓️ ⌨️ 💻

David Cho – 6pm to 7pm


I am centered on ideas of freedom and liberty as those are fundamental qualities of a truly effective public market for goods and services.

My passion is focused on blockchain commerce, startups, and web application architecture.

I have immense experience with the United State Department of Defense and in building blockchain and crypto related startups.

I would love to meet anyone interested or working on blockchain startups or interested in enabling more of them to exist.

I will be leading the Blockchain and Crypto Trends Think Tank, join me there.

📋     🏢     💬     📷     📈     🏠 

Edward Brancieri – 4pm to 5pm

Fred Pyrczak, Publisher

Focus on Operations, Logistics and Management. Benchmarking, Budgeting and Scalability. Strategies, Process Improvements and Team Building.

Recent projects: Higher education publishing start-up: acquired by international public corp. Residential multi-unit housing; developed marketing strategies, increase growth, marketing, revenue and increase NOI for sale listing.

I would love to meet anyone interested in or involved in the above.  I love meeting people that enjoy collaborating or bringing individuals together.

🏢     ⌨️     ⛓️     🔒

Frederic Rough – 5pm to 6pm

Coin Squad

I am all about Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Ledger Technologies, Cyber Security.

I would love to meet with anyone interested in the above, especially entrepreneurs and any VCs, Angels, or Family Offices.

Come visit me at the CoinSquad space on the expo floor.

🏢     🎓    🌍 

Gerhard Apfelthaler – 3pm to 5pm


New venture creation, global expansion, all things entrepreneurship or education–I can help you in a lot of ways.

I would love to meet early stage startups and startups interested in international operations or already involved in internationalizing.

🏢     👋

Harriet Cohen – 4pm to 6pm

Training Solutions

Worked with many start ups developing foundational tools; business plans, marketing plans, target marketing, SWOT, strategic planning, how to hire and retain, developing staff In business for 20 years as well as and advisor and consultant to others. Worked in small businesses. Teach management and aspects of HR @ UCLA One of the original mentors for start up weekend.

I would love to meet start ups to mature corporations looking to confirm they have the key foundational tools to enable them to start maintain or grow; this includes strategic and marketing plans, SWOT, talent management, engagement, and other tools that are necessary at every stage.

🏢     🧘   🏠

Heather Boren – 4pm to 6pm

Estate match realty

I run a business focused on commercial real estate; leasing of office and retail space; site selection.

I hold a Bachelor’s in Political Science and Communication Studies from UCLA and will soon receive her MBA from Pepperdine University.

Additionally, I still find time to make it to the ice rink where you can find me either figure skating or cheering on the LA Kings.

I would love to meet with companies experiencing growth (i.e. have 0 or 1 locations) that are looking for guidance in understanding the pitfalls of leasing space.

🏢     👋

Jolene Ho – 5pm to 6pm


I am an outgoing, people-person who loves building and maintaining strong rapport with everyone I cross paths with. I thrive in fast-paced environments, learn quickly and adapt well in many different situations. I have a wide spectrum of interests, but my main interest is recruiting in the tech space, which initially developed during my internship at expanXion.

I can help you with technical recruiting, interviewing, resume building, and cover letters.

I would love to meet anyone in need of the above, especially if you are involved in robotics.

🏢 💬 📋 🎖️ 💻

Joshua Hinkson – 5pm to 6pm


Co-founded Expertise in operations, strategy, innovation, product management, technology management, communication management, leadership (transformational), creating efficiencies. and streamlining processes.

I would love to meet people interested in or seeking support with Tech Innovation Operations, How to Turn an Idea Into a Company, Leadership and communication, or How to Build the Right Team.

📈    🏢 🌱

Lorena Aviles-Galberth, CPSM – 4pm to 5pm

American Industrial Partners

Complementing my measurable contributions are my achievements in leading, motivating, and developing teams. I am adept at influencing employees across all organizational levels to exceed performance expectations and adopt and champion change.

I can assist you with:

• Spend Analytics
• Strategy development and implementation
• Savings, cost reduction, cost avoidance
• Contract negotiation and contract management
• Change agent, coach and mentor, BB certified
• Problem Solver, can do attitude, focused on issues and resolutions

I would love to meet people that see value in my guidance or other new entrepreneurs seeking peer support. I too am beginning to make the jump from corporate to pursue my own business.

🎯     🏢     💵     ⚕️   🌱   🤖     🎁

Maria Malavenda – 4pm to 5pm


I have spent the last 20+ years in Strategy and Corporate Development which included M&A. I am considered an expert in B2B and B2C Data, Sales & Marketing Automation, and ERP. Industry sectors include: Healthcare/Personal Care. Life Sciences, Digital Health, Consumer Products, Media & Entertainment. I have 2 exists: Wireless Medical Device with data analytics (Bosch), Fan Engagement Platform for Pro Sports, NCAA and Entertainment (IMG).

I would love to meet any individuals needing support in the area of Go To Market Strategy, Product/Pricing Strategy, Branding, Strategic Partnerships, etc.

Additionally, I would like to meet investors, individuals interested in strategic partnerships with my current company, EVVEMI

⌨️     💻

Matthew Bentley – 5pm to 7pm


I can help you with developing high quality and agile MVPs, how to make important early staging technical decisions, how to learn to right questions to ask a developer or technical co-founder.

Anything related to Software Development, Choosing the correct technology for your startup, Lean Startups, or Agile Software Development.

I would love to meet anyone who has general or specific technical questions related getting a new idea off the ground whether at a startup or an established company.

📈 🏢

Nancy Lee Ma – 6pm to 7pm

Crystal Clear Profits

I am a CPA who works with entrepreneurs to teach them about the financial part of a business.

I work with start-up companies through under five years in business.

I work with serviced-based businesses and online retailers across multiple states. I have skills with bridging the financial and technology together to streamline their accounting and bookkeeping.

I would love to meet with entrepreneurs who have no or very little knowledge about the financial part of a business and want to become financially literate for their personal and business finances. I’m here to help!

📋   🏢    📈     🎁   🎯     💵

Paul Shrater – 5pm to 6pm

Karma Accelerator

I have knowledge in E-commerce, Consumer Products, Fulfillment, Contract Packaging, Food Service, Distribution, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing, Supply Chains, Business Growth, and more.  I’m also an investor.

I would love to meet anyone interested in or involved in the above.  I love to get to know others in our community and find ways to support people like you.

🏢 🎯 💻 📈 ⚕️

Rafael M Lopes – 5pm to 6pm

Envien Group

I am focused on product development, product management, product strategy, service experience design, startup formation, and marketing / brand strategy.

I would love to meet VCs, angels, healthcare industry professionals, financial industry professionals, and anyone that can benefit from my knowledge and experience.  Especially, those interested in medical device innovation.

🏢 💻

Robert Alexander – 5pm to 6pm


I have experience in Graphic Design, Sound Design, Process Flow, Entrepreneurship, Inner-Wisdom, Organization, Networking, Outreach and so much more!

My main focus is on my new business that offers private sessions and personalized music to help provide mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

I have worked with clients all over the world and helped them experience massive life changing breakthroughs.

Each client has an option to receive personalized music and is assisted uniquely with gentle and powerful self-discovery techniques!

I would love to meet people that are interested in anything above. I love to collaborate and help where I can.

🏢 💻 🎓

Shannon Miller – 4pm to 6pm

Shannon Miller

Strategic Life & Business Coach. Entrepreneurship & Online Business Expert.

I offer executive clients custom life and business coaching as well as playful interactive team building programs for sales andstart up teams. ” A Happy life begins when you live on purpose.”

I would love to meet people interested in starting their dream business without quitting their job, the benefits of using open source CMS like Drupal & WordPress, selling online, branding, and coaching. I love to help people, so don’t be shy.

🏢    ⌨️    🖥️    💻

Suresh Mohanakrishnan  – 4pm to 5pm


I have developed software and managed software development teams for the past 20 years.

I would be happy to share my experiences of what it takes to develop a new software product for end users and what it takes to get them to actually use the product.

I would love to meet people who have an idea, requirements or designs (even on the back of a napkin is ok) and need technical advice to prepare them for what it takes to develop their idea into a working product.



GIANTPARTNERSprovides direct marketing lists to businesses of all sizes- from 805 startups to Fortune 500 companies.

GIANTPARTNERS can supply you with the targeted lists you need for direct mail, telemarketing, or email campaigns at a competitive rate.


KPMG is a global network of independent member firms offering audit, tax and advisory services.

At KPMG, we inspire confidence and empower change in all we do.  We recognize our responsibility to drive positive, sustainable change.

We aim to extend our culture to yours by participating in the Innovation & Growth Fair.

Come visit us to learn some great tips to grow your business by properly tracking and managing your financial data and more.

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

For nearly 50 years, the Graziadio Business School has been anchored in the core values of integrity and innovation and dedicated to shaping Best for the World Leaders that drive meaningful, positive change in their global organizations and communities.

We offer a wide continuum of full-time and part-time MBA programs, as well as executive doctorate, master’s, bachelor’s, and joint degree programs online and across six California campuses, including Malibu and Silicon Beach.

Come explore how we are supporting the local business ecosystem on and off campus.


Founded in 2012, and based in Westlake Village, Calif., Microduino is an award-winning global designer, developer, manufacturer and seller of stackable electronic building blocks.

Our systems are designed to encourage and enhance inventors’ creativity, imagination, and ingenuity through project-based learning.

Our number one goal is to lower the barriers to STEM education through our products.

Microduino is currently in use on six continents. More than 3 million students from kindergarten to college have experienced Microduino’s magic. 

Come visit us on the expo floor to learn more about our mission and discover ways we can work together to spark innovation around the globe.

cadre talent

Filtering The Noise
We are a leading recruiting firm specializing in tech startups.
We focus on communication, trust and meticulously curating what matters to you.
Relationships centric approach is our foundation.
Your time is valuable to us – We do not inundate you with junk.
Come visit us on the expo floor to get to know what we offer you or sit in on one of the two workshops our team is running!


CV Make is a Makerspace created to serve the Southern California, Conejo Valley area.

We support and embrace the resurgence of hands‐on Do‐It‐Yourself and maker culture through classes, meetups, membership, and community outreach where engineers, artists, students, and entrepreneurs can make ideas into real things. 

We will be leading a think tank about “What a Makerspace can do for YOU and the Conejo Valley”.

Stop by to join us in the discussion and learn more about our passion for makerspaces.


ModVans is a new Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer based in Ventura, California.

Our vision is to build a line of high-quality, high-design RVs for modern lifestyles and budgets and offer them for sale direct to the consumer.

Our chassis is built by Ford at the Kansas City Assembly Plant.

The ModVans CV1 is assembed in Ventura, CA by an employee owned, environmentally aware corporation that pays living wages and offers full benefits.

Come visit us for a tour of the van, to ask us about startups, manufacturing, or software engineering.

We are also looking to meet potential people to join our team


Managed Cryptocurrency Service Provider®

We make investing in the cryptocurrency market easy, safe, and profitable!

If you are actively investing in crypto or interested in becoming a crypto investor, come visit us. 

We will be happy to help you understand if your workflow is secure, how to improve it, or how to get going.

GDM (Game Developers Meetup)

Game Developers Meetup Group. Based at Hub101 in Westlake Village, CA.

We will meet monthly for a dev night, with more events to be announced later.

If you bring your passion, and we’ll provide the community of fellow developers.

Come get to know us to discover the larger game development community in your own backyard.


AFA HUB is a program by Actors for Autism, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization since 2005 that is dedicated to the advancement, education, and training of people on the autistic spectrum.

We provide vocational training programs for adults 18 years of age and older in Animation, Film, Video Game Design, Visual Effects, 360VR, and Micro-Enterprise. 

Our unique educational programs are vendored with the state of California Regional Center System.

We were voted Ventura County Autism Society’s 2018 Adult Services Provider of the Year! 

For more info please visit our website at or

Or visit us on the expo floor!


We are part of the worldwide Toastmasters organization, and meet each week to empower our members by helping them improve their speaking, communication  and leadership skills.

How do we do this? Come visit us to learn all about it.

However, the best way to find out is to experience it.  Be sure to take part in our workshop to do exactly that! 


The Ventura County Chapter of SCORE was founded in 1971. It has been an active chapter since that time and currently has more than 60 volunteers.

The members of SCORE Ventura County are active and retired successful business owners and managers. Our members volunteer their experience and knowledge to help established business owners and potential business owners achieve success.

Our goal is to support businesses and careers flourish in the area–including you.

Come visit us to learn how we can help you succeed.

*SBA’s participation or support is not an endorsement of any products, service, or entity.


The U.S. Small Business Administration  helps Americans start, build, and grow businesses.

The SBA was created in 1953 as an independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation

The U.S. Small Business Administration has delivered millions of loans, loan guarantees, contracts, counseling sessions and other forms of assistance to small businesses.

Come stop by to learn about all the wonderful resources we have available to you and how to gain access to them.

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Be seen as a leader within the community as we craft unique experiential opportunities to connect with your brand, team, and products/services.

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Home Owners

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Make Over $200k a Year

of Businesses are Seeking Talent

Bachelors or Higher Education

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