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We are looking for you to donate credits or give free access to your products and services that our participants will need in order to build tools for our communities.

Bolster Your Brand

Through your generous contributions you will be playing a leading role in enacting positive change across communities of all sizes. Our participants and the wider community will recognize your efforts and think of you as a trusted ally.

Supercharge Our Impact

Your support will supercharge our efforts to develop as many innovative tools as possible for our communities and make a wider impact across the globe as these tools are rolled out for organizers everywhere to utilize.

We Are Seeking Support With

  • Hosting
  • Data Storage
  • Domains
  • Marketing
  • Support Tools 
  • Support Services 

And anything else that our teams can utilize to build, manage, and launch tools for our community organizers to utilize.

What We Are Offering

  • Advertising Space on Event Pages
  • Advertising Space through the 805 Startups social media accounts and newsletters
  • Dedicated Brand Channel on our Discord Server
  • Mentions, Thank Yous, and Brand Announcements During Workshops, Speaker Panels, and PR Releases
  • Branded Workshop opportunities to train our Participants how to use your Product or develop a skill your team has expertise in
  • Focused development of tools built on top of your existing products through APIs, webhooks, and SDKs

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