Hack to be heard

Building Open Source Tools For Community Organizers To Use in The Fight for Change

Virtual Incubator - Coming Soon

The purpose of this virtual incubator is to bring together techies, organizations, organizers, and activists as one unified group to dismantle systemic racism, sexism, and all the other forms of oppression that have hurt us and held our society back for too long.

Millions of us are feeling emboldened in our stand against injustice, but we lack clear objectives and organizing tools with which to address those objectives.

You can help us build open source tools to support that mission.  Click here to jump ahead and get an idea of what you could help with.

These tools will help our community organizers and activists be more effective, collaborative, and connected. They will support our work on the streets, at the voting booth, in our workplaces and homes, and on ourselves.

This fight is just beginning, and together we can help ensure that the flames of change don’t fade again.

Stand with us and the entire community. Take action to enact change. Hack to be Heard.




Weekends of Hands-On Support

Come Together to Innovate

Join your fellow community members to discover what your community organizers and activists are struggling to overcome. We will explore ways to improve what already exists or come up with completely new solutions.

Build New Tools

Form teams, attend workshops to expand your knowledge and refine your skills, and get hands on support from mentors as you build new open source tools to support your community organizers on their mission of progressive change.

Help Your Community

The conclusion of this two week program is a Demo Day to release your tools to the public, to use for free. These tools will help your community organize and fight for much needed, and often long overdue, change.

Proposed Issues To Address

  • Membership Recruiting
  • Community Outreach
  • Community On-Boarding
  • Community Engagement
  • Event Organizing and Coordinating
  • Fragmentation Between Mission Aligned Organizations
  • Social Media Coordination
  • In The Field: Coordination
  • In The Field: Training
  • In The Field: Community Safety
  • Fundraising

Are you a Community Organizer or Activist?

Examples of Tools We Can Build

  • Automation Tools 
  • Aggregation Tools
  • Discord / Riot / Reddit / Twitter Bots
  • Add-ons / Extensions  to improve existing tools
  • Encrypted Messaging Services
  • Membership Vetting / Infiltrator Reporting Tools
  • Accountability Apps to Track and Report Injustices
  • Social Networks Connecting Organizers and Activists

Your imagination has no bounds and we welcome the creativity and innovation you can bring.


What are you waiting for?

Get Involved

Our Strength Is In Our Numbers and Ability To Collaborate–Join Us and Hack to Be Heard in this entirely free-to-participate event.


Technical Teammate

Participant Registration
Help Us Build
  • Help Build New Tools as a Technical Member of a Team--Seeking:
  • Frontend Developers
  • Programmers
  • Database Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Physical Engineers
  • Systems Engineers
  • and other such roles

Non-Technical Teammate

Participant Registration
Help Us Build
  • Help Build New Tools as a Non-Technical Member of a Team--Seeking:
  • Experience/UX Designers
  • UI Designers
  • Visual Designers
  • Writers
  • Marketers
  • Communications Persons
  • Public Relations Persons
  • Government Relations Persons
  • and other such roles


Participant Registration
Be a Mentor
  • Empower others by sharing your expertise, experience, and insights with the community--Seeking:
  • Experts with Technical or Non-Technical Skills Related to the Previously Mentioned Roles
  • Experts in Running Communities
  • Experts in Organizing Activists
  • Experts in Organizing Groups
  • Most especially if you can run a 20 to 30 minute workshop to train others

Community Organizer

Partner Application
Get Help From Us
  • Leverage the community to recruit members and build you tools if you focus the following:
  • Social Justice
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Climate & Environmental Protection
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Education Reform
  • Economic Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Homelessness
  • and other related issues


Partner Application
Seeking Support
  • We are seeking Sponsors to help us provide our Participants with the Following:
  • Hosting
  • Data Storage
  • Domains
  • Marketing
  • Support Tools
  • Support Services
  • Skills Development & Training