Cindy Rakowitz – Featured Member – May

Cindy is a great leader in the community that is active with her own charity, Fit 4 The Cause, and a consistent mentor at 805 Startups and other organizations.

Cindy’s background is in PR and disaster control. She developed the bulk of her skills while acting as top executive at Playboy Enterprises.

You can learn more about Cindy here:

We posed some interesting questions to Cindy and here are her responses:

How do you feel about finding a balance of personal and work life? Why do you feel this way? What do you do to achieve that goal?

Workaholics struggle with balance, but we remind ourselves that we work to live not live to work. I thought my newfound fitness addiction provided a balance opportunity from the crisis communications industry–and instead it became a philanthropic career when launching Fit 4 The Cause, Inc. This is the year that I’m going to find balance again through travelling and meeting some new groups of people.

How do you manage the many things you are worried about during you day?Seeking unbridled laughter.How do you manage expectations for yourself? Why is this important to do?

As a serial pleaser, I’m learning to set parameters. Burning out isn’t good for anyone.

How do you manage expectations from others? Why is this important to do?

I don’t struggle with honesty and full-disclosure. This way I don’t disappoint my peers.

How do you manage what is best for yourself versus what is best for the company? Why do you take this approach?

I always looked out for the greater good. Its in my DNA. Its a blessing and its most professional.

What do you feel is an acceptable number of hours for you to work? When would you make an exception to this? Why?

If you enjoy your work–your not counting the hours.

Do you/did you suffer from Impostor Syndrome? How do you manage this?

Its common to experience Imposter Syndrome when committing to public speaking or authoring a book. If you know yourself and thoroughly understand your area of expertise–you are inoculated against IS.

How important is your mental well being to your productivity and success? What do you do to support your mental health?

As a fitness professional, I promise that getting your heart rate up and challenging yourself through resistance training will make you feel invincible. Its especially gratifying when you workout with an awesome group of friends. This isn’t limited to a gym–it can be any sport!!!

How important is your physical well being to your productivity and success? What do you do to support your physical health?

I’m a master trainer! Duh!

How do you manage stress? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by stress? What was that experience like and how did you overcome it?

We all manage stress in our own ways. My favorite cross-training activity is enjoying Happy Hour with yummy tapas and a ginger martini or two.

How do you stay motivated? Have you ever felt burned out? What was that experience like and how did you overcome it?

I’m heading up our non-profit organization’s third gala this week. 
I probably shouldn’t be writing this in burn out mode. I’m managing this through getting plenty of rest and ensuring REM sleep.

How often do you celebrate your progress? What do you count as a progress worth celebrating? Why do you feel this is important to do?

In mid-life, the celebrations find you. Especially if you’ve accomplished extraordinary things.

Enjoy more with Cindy in this video from our January FEM event with Shawna Bigby Davis