October Recap – KiwiTech & Crowdfunder Prize Winners

Greetings Everyone!

We had a wonderful month with two amazing events and a combined 400 attendees.

Startup & Job Fair with Startup & Investor Panels

This week we had our first Startup Fair and both the general audience and the investors got to vote for their favorite startup on the expo floor.

The event was a lot of fun to organize and even more rewarding to see all of you there.

For those that missed the event our awesome video production partners, Triodyssey, was kind enough to film the first three panels and will make the footage available for you all shortly.

Now, on to announce the winners!

Audience Choice Winner:

Coding Autism

They will be receiving $15,000 in tech services from KiwiTech


An Accelerator package (value is $2,000) from Crowdfunder

Investor’s Choice Winner:

Repwatch Technologies

They will be receiving $15,000 in tech services from KiwiTech

We Want to Give Special Thanks

To Soan and Partysserie for helping with logistics and support.

To our incredible speakers:

David Cremin (Frontier Venture Capital)

Tony Sziklai (Jooster, Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship)

Jim Andelman (Rincon Ventures)

Mohsin Syed (KiwiTech)

Ryan Azlein (Stradling Attorneys at Law)

Bahman Zakeri (Xivic)

Nicole Klein (Betagig)

Stefani Washburn (Xivic)

Paul Shrater (Co-Founder and COO of Minimus, COO of Indelicare)

Ara Babaian (Encore Law Group)

Andrew Tomat (Teradyne)

Blake Baxter (Blackrun Ventures)

Steven McClurg (Crowdfunder,Guggenheim Partners)

To Ryan Azlein, of Stradling Attorneys at Law, for getting the ball rolling on this event by putting together his panel.

To KiwiTech, Xivic, and Crowdfunder for taking the lead on providing supporting capital and prizes to put on a more impactful event for you all.

To Triodyssey for filming our panels.

and to our long term sponsors for continuously supporting us and the startup ecosystem we are all a part of: Stradling Attorneys at Law, Numberwise, and SoCal IP!

October VIP Lunch

We had a great lunch today with our VIP members.  It was at a new restaurant in the Thousand Oaks Mall called, Deliteful Meals.

The food and space definitely stood up to the name. It was surprisingly delicious. Especially, when you take a moment to consider all the food was gluten free.

I’m not sure how much experience you have with trying gluten free food but, it usually doesn’t stand up to regular food. haha.

If you’re interested in a new place to try that is fresh, healthy, and outstanding we suggest you give them a try for your next lunch or dinner.

They also have music performances Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 5:30pm!

Again, special thanks to Soan and Partysserie for helping with this event, thanks to Deliteful Meals for providing their space and food, and thanks to our sponsors!

Review of the August 31st Startup Pitch/Demo Event

Hello 805 Startups!

Here is the review our Startup Pitch/Demo Event.

  • Over 57 startups applied to present
  • Those startups operate out of San Diego, Santa Barbara, Oxnard, Los Angeles, and Conejo Valley
  • Over 225 people attended
  • Barone’s Pizzeria and Clean Living Food brought some amazing grub!
  • So Cal IP provided a provisional patent filing to Klickly for winning the Judges Vote
  • Hub101 and Cal Lutheran University also provided Klickly with a year’s membership to Hub101 for their entire team
  • Many of the presenting startups have been contacted by investors on our panel of judges and by some others in attendance


There were two groups that presented.

Early Stage Startups:






Later Stage Startups:




An we had an amazing panel will judged the Early Stage Startups group:

• Richard Wolpert of Amplify and Accel Partners

• Asher Leids, a successful lawyer and angel investor

• Leonard Lanzi of LAVA and Topanga Ventures LLC.

• Dan Peate of Peate Ventures, Driav, and Hixme

• Steve Kao of Loot Crate


All in all, it was a fantastic success.  We want to thank you for being a part of the event and for your support!

We want to let you all know that we are working more great events before the year’s end for startups to present to the 805 Startups community and our many investors.

Stay tuned for a full calendar year of events!


We want to thank our key sponsors for their support:

Additionally, we would like to thank the following event sponsors for providing outstanding food for the event:

Clean Living Club – cleanlivingclub.com

Barone’s Pizzeria – http://baronespizzeria.com/

Both provide catering options for your next event, office meeting, or party.

Barone’s is even capable of catering up to 25 miles away from either of their two locations.

Thank you all again for your continued support. Big plans are in the works. Expect an announcement shortly.


Gary and Alon

805 Startups Demo Day Recap & Infographic


Hi All!

Thank you so much for being involved in the largest startup event to ever take place in Ventura County! The companies were great, we had an amazing turnout and the investors involved were top-notch. We couldn’t be happier with how it went. Stay tuned for more exciting events soon!

See the awesome pics Gary Livingston took below, followed by some tweets from the events.:

Really great event! The companies were amazing. Recap on 805startups.com soon! Pictures by the amazing Gary Livingston!

Posted by 805 Startups – Entrepreneurs, Techies and Investors in the 805 on Monday, February 22, 2016

That was way too long a post…especially because you probably got everything you needed to know from the infographic. Get back to work.

Event Recap – Meet the Associates from @AmplifyLA, @tenone10 & @KarlinVentures!

Hi All!

The event last week was amazing.  Tons of great info dispensed by our amazing panelists, Chris Olson from Amplify.LA, Arteen Arabshahi from Karlin Ventures and Austin Clements from TenOneTen Ventures.  One of the main focusses was what they liked and disliked from the startups / founders that reach out to them, and they were very open about it.

Some main points:

GET A WARM INTRO.  They said that they take warm intros 100x more seriously.  Find mutual connections and don’t be afraid to ask for an intro.

BE CONCISE.  Investors get TONS of emails.  If you want to get their attention, especially if the email is unsolicited, keep it short and to the point.  This way, you don’t waste their time or yours.  I’ve found the best way to get an answer from a busy person is to send super-short emails with a specific question that can be answered easily.

START A CONVERSATION.  Make it conversational.  Get to know the investors in the room and don’t just dive into a pre-prepared deck.  The investors are evaluating you, not just your startup.  Help them get to know you.

ASK FOR ADVICE.  “Ask for money, get advice.  Ask for advice, get money.”  Don’t come right in asking for cash (they know why you’re there!).  Pick the investor’s brain.  Ask good questions.  Just like in the previous point, get to know them.  Then, when appropriate, try and close the deal.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Come prepared and know a bit about the investors you’re meeting.  It’s not hard to look up their website or AngelList profiles.  Do it.  You sound smart if you say something like, “you invested in HelloTech, so I thought you might be interested in our ‘on-demand’ startup that solves a similar problem for a market…”  You sound like a dumbass if you say something like, “do you invest in ‘on-demand’ startups?” to someone like Karlin Ventures who list 3 startups that have the words “on-demand” in their one-line descriptions on the portfolio section of their website.

Some tweets from the event:

Some Pics:

Fireside Chat With Adam Draper Recap + Photo-booth Pics!

Quick update:  See press about the event in the local paper!

Hi All!

The fireside chat with Adam Draper from Boost.VC was great!  Thank you all so much for coming and participating.  Adam had some amazing advice and info for all startups and entrepreneurs, especially when it came to joining an accelerator, and we even got to talk a bit about bitcoin and virtual reality!


Some awesome tweets from the event: