This is invite only for our FULL MEMBERS and special high profile guests.

Food and drinks are provided as we enjoy informal, yet structured relationship building.

Think of it as a support network where we get to know what each person is working on, struggling with, and able to help others with.

We provide a platform to build new relationships in an authentic manner. It’s a more intimate and casual setting that has led to many amazing friendships and opportunities between those in attendance.

Location will be revealed to our FULL MEMBERS. It will take place in Westlake Village.

You can expect to meet startup founders, high skilled talent, government officials, investors, domain experts, educators, and corporate leaders in a casual and intimate setting.

Many of our attendees have gone on to build supportive relationships to aid in the growth of a business or a career. Many have created their own meetups to help each other develop new skills. ——–

As a FULL MEMBER you get a number of extra benefits.

For example: Not only do you gain access to this monthly lunch, you may make requests for 805 Startups to invite key people and companies in order to facilitate introductions and deeper relationships.

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