Cyber Security: Defense in Depth – FREE workshop from @montecitobank

montecito_logoWe’re extremely excited to announce that we’re hosting Montecito Bank & Trust, one of 805 Startups’ top supporters’ cyber security class led by Paul Abramson, their Director of Technology and Laurel Sykes, their Chief Risk Officer at the Cal Lutheran Center for Entrepreneurship in Westlake Village.  The class was created for proprietors, CEOs, CFOs, finance managers and IT Managers.

Join us at this FREE workshop to learn:

  • Lessons from real world stories of email compromises
  • Critical tips to aid in prevention and response
  • How to develop a layered security approach in your organization
  • How attackers spread malware, steal passwords and defraud businesses
— RSVP to Jamie at or on the 805 Startups Meetup group —

Feel free to share and post the official flyer below:


Holiday Donation!!!

Hello 805ers!

First, I would like to start this email by expressing my immense gratitude to all of you for helping to make 805 Startups an amazing community, one that I am extremely proud to be a member. Thank you, thank you & thank you! I know that we will accomplish great things together and build a bright future for the 805!

With that said, it is very important to us at 805 Startups to not only support a great Startup and Tech community, but our community as a whole. A community where we care for and uplift one another is one where the possibilities are endless! This holiday season we will be teaming up with CLU’s Community Service Center in their Adopt a Family or Child program! And we need YOUR help! We have created a page where you can donate to this cause. Any amount is wonderful and very appreciated. I spoke with a great guy, Eric, the Homelessness and Poverty Intern, at the Community Service Center CLU and he said that there were about 10 families and 9 children still waiting for their holiday wishes to be granted! That means if each of us donated about $6 we could complete the list! How amazing would that be!?!?! We are also working to create more volunteer opportunities in the tech / startup realm the whole year through, so more details on that very soon!

Let’s show this world the love and compassion it needs so badly!

Come on 805ers, we’ve got this!!!

Peace on Earth to All!

Nicole & Alon Goren

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Fireside Chat With Adam Draper Recap + Photo-booth Pics!

Quick update:  See press about the event in the local paper!

Hi All!

The fireside chat with Adam Draper from Boost.VC was great!  Thank you all so much for coming and participating.  Adam had some amazing advice and info for all startups and entrepreneurs, especially when it came to joining an accelerator, and we even got to talk a bit about bitcoin and virtual reality!


Some awesome tweets from the event: