Innovation & Growth Fair - Q3


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A collaborative experience

Come meet and learn from a wide range of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies that are coming together to offer you more support than any one of us could provide alone.  Your success and growth is a success for our shared community.

Over 40 Mentors

You can find a revolving cast of mentors on our expo floor that are excited to share their expertise and advice with you

Discover Businesses

Exhibiting businesses on our expo floor will be showcasing what they do, looking for new hires, looking for investors, and looking for partners

Connect With Your Government

Meet representatives from many government agencies looking to connect you to an abundance of resources and learn how they can better serve you

Expert Speaker Panels

Sit in on two panels featuring experts to help you learn "How to Grow a Business" and "Fundraising and Investment Strategies"

Meet Non-Profits

Explore non-profits from across the region that are intent on supporting you and your community

Over 400 Attendees

Connect with the people from your community that share in the value of promoting growth and innovation.


3pm to 7pm


Agoura Hills Recreation Center

29900 Ladyface Court, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Our Event Sponsors


How to Start and Grow Your Business

4:30pm to 5:30pm

Nancy Gaines

Nancy Gaines Consulting

Big 5 consulting for decades before launching my own company.  During that time, Nancy worked in over 10 industries and 6 countries.

Stephen Gorgey

Target Logics

Stephen Gorgey has founded and been operating Target Logic since 2000. He also sits on the board of the AMA (American Marketing Association) as the VP of Digital Marketing for the association’s Los Angeles chapter.

John Stump

The Go Chair

Mechanical Engineer and Inventor with 20 years experience of award-winning innovation, product development, and ingenuity. John enhances manufacturing processes that increase efficiency and improve quality. 

Fundraising & Exit Strategies, and Investment Strategies

6:00pm to 7:00pm

Maria Malavenda


Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Development (Raised over $3B in startup to IPO financings), Founder with 3 exits, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Human Capital, Media & Entertainment, Data, AI, Sales & Marketing Automation expertise. 

Asher Leids

Angel Investor

I am an angel investor in over 35 startups including Thrive Market, Klickly, Blockable, Jaanuu, Cafe X, Kush, Court Buddy, Contraline, Virgin HyperloopOne and Trufl. I generally invest in three verticals, to wit, moonshot companies, women and minority owned companies and healthcare.

Blake Baxter

HighVibe Network
Blackrun Ventures

Executive Director of Blackrun Ventures, COO of HighVibe Network, Managing Partner of DPAA Group, and advisor to many on blockchain, IoT, Big Data, Sensor, and Machine Learning


Get exposed to a wide variety of people sharing their passions and experience with you on our expo floor.

Icon Legend

🤖 AI/Machine Learning


⛓️ Blockchain/Crypto

🏢 Business / Entrepreneurship

💬 Community Development    

📷 Content Creator (photo/video/writer) 

🔒 Cyber Security

🎓 Education   

⚡ Electrical Engineer


⚕️ Health Care 

👋 HR/Recruiting

🌍International Growth

💵 Investor/M&A

👩‍⚖️ Legal

📋 Logistics 

🎯 Marketing/Sales


📐 Physical Engineer

🎁 Physical Products

🏠 Real Estate

⌨️ Software Engineer/Programmer 

🖥️Software Products 

💻 Web Design/Front End/UX/Graphics


⚕️     🎁     🎯     🏢     📷

Alexis Schomer

Expy Health
Simply Branded

Digital marketing, website design & development, social media management, Facebook ads, SEO, blogging, email marketing, content creation, graphic design, business consulting, pitch decks, startups, public speaking, entrepreneurship, healthcare, value-based care, patient motivation

💵     🏢

Asher Leids

Angel Investor

I am an angel investor in over 35 startups including Thrive Market, Klickly, Blockable, Jaanuu, Cafe X, Kush, Court Buddy, Contraline, Virgin HyperloopOne and Trufl. I generally invest in three verticals, to wit, moonshot companies, women and minority owned companies and healthcare.

📈     💵

Chuck Best


Past CFO of young start-ups and two public companies. Operationally focused, but with considerable M & A experience.

⚡     ⌨️     💬

Dan DeMaggio

I like to share my deep technical experience, so I’ve helped dozens of startups with free advice. Ask me about: Software engineering, Internet of Things, Linux, AWS Cloud Computing, Electronics, Micro-controllers, Makerspaces.

🎓     📈

Debbie Goldstein

Savvy College Funding

I am one of 40 experts on college financial aid in the US. I am an expert in all aspects of college financial on the federal, state and institutional levels. My mission is to educate and empower families on how to not overpay for college.

🎯     🏢     📷

Derren Ohanian

Social Sensei

Social media marketing, growth hacking, Instagram growth strategies would be the primary three, but I have over 12 years of experience running a creative agency having worked with hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs to build out their digital products from websites to mobile apps and everything in between.

📋     🏢     💬     📷     📈     🏠 

Edward Brancieri

Fred Pyrczak, Publisher

Focus on Operations, Logistics and Management. Benchmarking, Budgeting and Scalability. Strategies, Process Improvements and Team Building.

Recent projects: Higher education publishing start-up: acquired by international public corp. Residential multi-unit housing; developed marketing strategies, increase growth, marketing, revenue and increase NOI for sale listing.

🏢     📷

Esteban Gast


Business expertise in different areas – I co-founded an entertainment tech company, previously I was president of an education startup in Panama, previously I co-founded a few smaller ecommerce businesses, Writing / Storytelling – I wrote a book on creativity, I had a VICE show, I produced a bunch of stuff for tv/web Creativity – I used to teach creativity at the University of Illinois

🏢     🏠     🎯

Fabien Reille

Home Steady Solutions

Entrepreneurship, start-up, fundraising…

– Internet, B2B, SMBs, online & local advertising, SAAS,… and construction!

🏢     ⌨️

Frank Huybrechts

Digital Value Creation

hpaPaaS (High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service) Tech Startups (early stage or farther) Product development / launch Business Operations

🏢     ⌨️     ⛓️     🔒

Frederic Rough

Coin Squad

Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Ledger Technologies, Cyber Security 

💻     📷

Gordon David Durich

G David Media

Media and Design

🏢     💬     🎯

Greg Monterrosa


Early stage companies, growth hacking, community

🏢     🧘     🎁     🎖️

Hans Wittenberg

Vira Yoga

I am a Veteran advocate that is passionate about bringing combat veterans back into their communities through mindfulness and yoga. As a yoga teacher and combat veteran myself, I want to create a culture around a brand that can start a dialogue of how veterans integrate into the society, and how society can relate to and accept veterans. I started Vira Yoga LLC. 

🏢     👋

Harriet Cohen

Training Solutions

Worked with many start ups developing foundational tools; business plans, marketing plans, target marketing, SWOT, strategic planning, how to hire and retain, developing staff In business for 20 years as well as and advisor and consultant to others. Worked in small businesses. Teach management and aspects of HR @ UCLA One of the original mentors for start up weekend

🏢     👩‍⚖️     🏠

Janice Miller

Berke Miller

Over 25+ years of Innovative General Counsel® business transaction legal experience assisting with business Start-ups, Real Estate and Leasing, Soft IP and location based-entertainment.

⚡      📐     🎁

John Stump

The Go Chair

Engineer, inventor, product creator, specialized in building new products that have never been done before

💬     🎯     📷

John Carnett

Marketing Maven

Marketing strategy, product launches, PR, social media

💬     🎯     📷

Jon-Paul Harrison

Independent Artist Rep/ Manager

I have deep experience in artist relations / management along with new business development for photographers. This includes assignments, licensing and daily business needs (portfolio + site development, outreach and production). I also am happy to share my experience starting an agency or building a team in-house.

🎯     🏢

Kevin Walker


Brand innovation, Brand strategy, Brand positioning, Brand identity, Brand communication

🎯     🏢     💵     ⚕️   🌱   🤖     🎁

Maria Malavenda


Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Development (Raised over $3B in startup to IPO financings), Founder with 3 exits, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Consumer Products, Human Capital, Media & Entertainment, Data, AI, Sales & Marketing Automation expertise. 

💻      🏢

Mascha Moore


Creative director, project management, UX/UI

⌨️     💻

Matthew Bentley


Developing high quality and agile MVPs. How to make important early staging technical decisions. How to learn to right questions to ask a developer or technical co-founder.

⌨️      🏢

Nancy Gaines

Gain Advantages

Business Productivity Expert (can help entrepreneurs with efficiency challenges around people, processes, time management, technology, systems, etc.) – Implementation strategies (can help entrepreneurs make the complex simple so they can easily take action)

⌨️     ⛓️    🏢    🎯

Ophir Levin


I have a lot of experience in building teams, developing product managing projects, Agile methodology. Leadership, and of course technology like Blockchain, Business Intelligence, Mobile, advertising and CRM and ERP systems


Paul Mocey-Hanton

Paul Mocey-Hanton Photography

Photography and cinematography/directing

📋   🏢    📈     🎁   🎯     💵

Paul Shrater

Karma Accelerator

Business development
Supply chain
Contract packaging
Business growth

⌨️     👋

Pedro Almache


Software Development, Software Design. Recruiting Developers.

⚡      📐     🎁    ⌨️

P.J. Tezza


 – Software/Saas startups and engineering
– Hardware startups and engineering
– Composite part design and manufacturing
– CNC part design and manufacturing

⌨️     💵

Richard Weir

Brownbag Ventures

Angel Investor that is happy to explain the process for raising capital.


Rick Wilson

Giant Partners

Data, lists, leads, aged leads, lead generation, direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing, email broadcasts

🏢    🧘

Sepideh Yeoh

Sepideh Yeoh LIfe Coach

For the past 15 years I have been coaching individuals and teams in achieving their best. I enjoy sharing my expertise in managing the challenges that accompany life transitions with anyone going through transitions such as marriage, parenthood, job change, divorce, empty nest, loss of a loved one and retirement to name a few.

⌨️     ⛓️     📈

Takashi Yanagi

Reward Mob

Cryptocurrencies / ICOs, Financials

📋    🏢    📈   🎯     💵

Eran Karoly

 Shift Payments

– B2B SaaS with focus on Fintech.
– Creating, building, and bootstrapping organizations:
– Sales, product management, business development, and strategic partnerships
– B2B SaaS operations, on-boarding, tech and customer support
– Lending, financing, payments, banking, crowd-funding, alternative currencies.
– Strategic partnerships and integration with banks (Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase) 
– Strategic partnership and integration with financial institutions (PayPal, Visa, AMEX, Western Union, GreenDot, etc.)
– Regulatory compliance, state and federal Money Transmitter licenses and Lending licenses
– Financial certification and compliance: PCI, SOC (SAS70), OFAC

⌨️     👩‍⚖️

Augustin Brajeux


– Transitioning from Legal to Tech
– SAAS Operations, Strategy, and Partnerships

🏢    🌍

Michael McClune

International Business Accelerator

Cross-border, international growth.

⌨️     👩‍⚖️     🤖     🏢

Liam Moriarty


I have legal expertise. 
I was a practicing attorney for 6 years and a professor at Peking University for 1 year before starting Lawgood. 

I have expertise in how to start a technology company. The steps that need to be taken in order to protect one’s work, ideas, and sanity. 

I am also familiar with ML, text classification, assisted learning, and the tools that make it easier for someone with a non-engineering background to make sense of and work in A.I.

⚡      📐     🎁      📈     🏢     👋

Casper Reaves

 Electronics, Financial Services, Semiconductor, Talent Development, Small Business Operations, Materials Engineering, Marketing

🏢   🎯

Mark Papia

Big Dog Integration

• Diverse background including revenue generation, content creation, and profit center management. • Generated in excess of $1 Billion in digital advertising revenue since entering market in 1999. • Managed large, diverse work groups responsible for as much as $120 million in annual revenues. • Grown revenue more than tenfold in a single year on more than three occasions (2000, 2001, 2005, 2011). • Responsible, in large part, for the creation of the Yahoo Home Page ad placement and the digital ecosystem’s first Private Advertising Marketplace. • Managed large digital media and social advertising programs for demanding clients including Pepsi, AT&T, Starbucks and Amazon. • Proficient in coupling of innovative media and big data, having managed cross-functional, multi-disciplinary teams of up to 70 people. • Managed sellers in every major U.S advertising market, as well as throughout Latin America and Europe. • Established regional offices and hired hundreds of salespeople, customer service representatives, business analysts, and other key staffers. • Experienced working inside organizations of all sizes from newly, founded startups to multi-nationals.

📋     🎯

David Church

Unishippers SFW
Conceptual Reality

MB Logistics, Marketing, Social Media, LinkedIn, Leads and managing sales pipelines.


Michael Feig

Michael Feig Portfolio

Audio Engineering, Producing Films, Writing Screenplays and acting for film/tv

🏢     💬     💵      

Amy Wood

Peate Institute for Entrepreneurship at Pepperdine

Business Plans
Fundraising Planning
Pepperdine Business School

🏢     ⚕️     🌱     🎁     🎯     📋     🌍

Ping Fang


1. Bioscience/Life Science/Biotech/Biomedical/Medical Devices/Digital Health
2. Technical Evaluation of Companies/Technology and Operation Evaluation and Consulting
3. OEM/ODM/CM and prototyping for medical Disposable/Wearable/Microfluidics/Softgoods
4. International Collaboration/Marketing/JV


James Christian Deirmendjian

Fight Fit Training

 Fitness for Military/LEO/First Response/Combat & Contact Sports

🏢     🎓    🎯     🌍   

Bin Feng


Successful STEM educational start-up that began with two Kickstarter and one IndieGoGo campaign(s).
Deep knowledge of STEM technology and how you can bring it to the classroom, lowering the barriers for all kids to get involved with STEM from an early age.
Global company that reaches millions of kids and gets them excited about learning, applying logic, critical thinking skills and more – how to generate excitement when you have an idea that can be applied in real life.

🏢    ⌨️    🖥️    💻

Suresh Mohanakrishnan 


I help technology start-ups with planning and execution of their vision. 
Extensive experience in mobile and web application development.

🏢     💬    📋    💻

Joshua Hinkson


Co-founded Expertise in operations, strategy, innovation, product management, technology management, communication management, leadership (transformational), creating efficiencies. and streamlining processes.

🏢     💬    📋    💻

Julian Kopald


Let’s talk about Fintech, Crypto, Wall Street, Endurance Sports, AdTech”


Using Improv to Pursue Your Business Goals, with Jill Evans

During the event you and your team can work with Jill Evans to learn how to apply the practice of improv towards reaching your business goals.

Learn how to pitch better or how to build stronger teams–improv can play a beneficial role in your success.

At the UCLA Anderson School of Management’s 2017 Business Creation Option thesis program (“BCO”) for start-up businesses, Jill and the Corporate Improv Connection team successfully tested and demonstrated our core proposition that collaborative environments tend to prompt uninhibited contributions which move work teams faster and further than non-coached work teams.

You can join Jill on the patio throughout the event’s duration.


1FX Pay

Free your Business Bank Account

Send payments to over 200 countries and exchange up to 36 currencies with freedom and ease.

AIO Miner

Your Modern Windows-Based GUI Mining App.

Community Driven, No Mining Fees, No Batch Files.


A Professional Presence Tool for Musicians.

A complete toolkit for network performances of any kind. 

Autism Society Ventura

We are here to help!

1 in 59 children now have Autism according to the CDC. 

If your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism, or you have been told that your child is exhibiting “autistic-like” behavior, it can be very challenging and stressful figuring out where to start and who to contact.

We can help! Come meet us to learn how!


Center4SpecialNeeds is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2011. It was established to provide resources, education, and offer a variety of supports for families who have children with special needs / developmental disabilities in Ventura County,  Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Santa Barbara County. 

Our purpose is to build a foundation—eventually a multi-disciplinary center—that bridges the gap for those children who fall between the cracks; the children who have developmental disabilities and do not qualify for regional center services and are not covered by insurance.

We will enable parents to provide their children with the necessary treatments and interventions they require and deserve to reach their full potential.

City of Camarillo

With year-round near-perfect weather, Camarillo is especially attractive to visitors who delight in the warm California climate.

Picturesque agricultural vistas and cool ocean breezes set the backdrop for a charming old town downtown. All this makes Camarillo the perfect destination for a wonderful weekend getaway or a relaxing weeks vacation.

Spend the day strolling downtown, stopping for a refreshing drink or fresh summer salad alfresco style. Or visit a wide range of local breweries— a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon, or early evening.

Don’t forget about our world-class outlet mall, attracting international visitors from France, Canada and China. Come for the Sun, Stay for the Fun!

Conversion Marketing

Access Quality Data To Power Your Telemarketing Campaigns

Conversion Marketing offers the strongest telemarketing contact databases on the market. With the highest phone data coverage and accuracy rates in the industry,  We are the preeminent source for both Consumer and Business phone contact information.

Come learn how we can help you reach your customers better.

Deborah Klein Lopez, City Council Candidate for City of Agoura Hills

I grew up in Agoura Hills and returned to raise my family here, so my roots run deep. The spirit of our city is deeply embedded in who I am and what I hope to preserve for the next generation.

I’m running for Agoura Hills City Council to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to our unique and special town. It’s time to engage our community in the issues that matter most to us: protecting our open spaces, having a say in responsible development, valuing our excellent public school system and maintaining quality of life in this vibrant place we call home. I bring strong leadership, decades of community service, and a vision for the future. 

I look forward to earning your vote on November 6.

Food Forward

Food Forward staff and volunteers rescue over 375,000 pounds of surplus produce each week from fruit trees, farmers markets and the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market. 

100% of these fresh fruits and vegetables are donated to over 1,800 hunger relief agencies across 8 counties in Southern California.



GIANTPARTNERSprovides direct marketing lists to businesses of all sizes- from 805 startups to Fortune 500 companies.

GIANTPARTNERS can supply you with the targeted lists you need for direct mail, telemarketing, or email campaigns at a competitive rate.

Herman Bennett Foundation

The Herman Bennett Foundation is a private 501(c) 3 non-profit organization helping qualified low-income pet owners spay and neuter their cats and dogs.

Our Feral Cat Program provides vouchers for spaying or neutering feral cats.

We have expanded our operations to include: Supporting Military/Service Dogs who are in need of Medical Assistance (not covered by any agency); No-Kill Animal Shelters in Feral Cat spaying/neutering; and Animal Rescue Groups providing homes to cats and Dogs through ADOPTION.

International Business Accelerator

The International Business Accelerator taps into Global Markets from LAX and Silicon Beach.

The IBA is a joint program of the Community Vitalization Council, an economic development non-profit, and K5 Ventures, an early-stage venture fund that partners with and invests in technology-driven businesses led by visionary founders.

The IBA focuses on helping US based companies understand how to capitalize on a global marketplace through exporting. 

The IBA also helps give international companies a guided roadmap to US market entry with Los Angeles as the entry point. The LAX and Silicon Beach areas of Los Angeles are home to hundreds of cutting edge tech and advanced manufacturing companies.  Many of which benefit from these relationships and through exporting.

Come learn about our programs to accelerate your business through an international reach.

Laubach Literacy of Ventura County

Laubach Literacy of Ventura County is an all-volunteer non-profit corporation dedicated to teaching adults by helping them to learn or improve their English communication skills.

Our objective is to help individuals in our communities to effectively be able to communicate in English. We offer flexible one to one and small group instruction in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai, Santa Paula, Moorpark and The Conejo Valley.

We offer one day training seminars 4 times a year for tutors. All tutor and student materials are provided by Laubach free of charge.

Many Mansions

As a provider of affordable housing and life-enriching services for low-income individuals and families, we would be happy to connect with anyone who would like to learn more about us or who may be interested in partnering with us.

We recently began construction on our Ormond Beach Villas project, Ventura County’s first permanent affordable housing for veterans. We are also gearing up for our annual Bowls of Hope event, which takes place on November 4th at California Lutheran University. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

Merito Foundation

We are dedicated to protecting the ocean by facilitating education, conservation, and scientific research opportunities to multicultural youth and their communities.

We increase students’ understanding of the importance of the ocean in their lives, awareness of ocean-related threats, and the adoption of environmentally friendly practices so that we all contribute to ocean protection.

We also strive to motivate diverse youth to pursue science, technology or engineering careers that relate to the ocean.


ModVans is a brand new Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer based in Ventura, California.

Our vision is to build a line of high-quality, high-design RVs for modern lifestyles and budgets and offer them for sale direct to the consumer.

Office Evolution

Office Rentals, Conference Room Rentals, Business Address plan, Shared Work Spaces, and More!

We have 24 furnished office space available on temporary office rentals or shot term office rentals. They range in size from 110 square feet – 225 square feet.

We have secure ethernet WiFi internet that is business class so you will have the internet speed you need!

We also have interior or exterior offices available. They are easy setup offices to make your life simpler and come as all inclusive dedicated workspaces. 


Our product is happiness .

We are a platform that supports positive expression and healthy connections with people online.

We are interested in meeting psychologists, mindful practitioners and teachers, life coaches, and investors.

Planet Zuda


We help you become battle-ready to protect yourself, your data, your customers, and your company from hackers.

We identify weaknesses, put an incident response together in case you are hacked, and help you try to identify who hacked you.

Raising Hope

RaisingHOPE provides advocacy, awareness and funds to abused and neglected children, many of whom are or were in the foster care system, in the Ventura County area through community events, mentoring and legal services.
We provide advocacy, funds for kids, and youth mentorship.

S and M Guru

S and M Guru (Sales and Marketing Consultant)
Providing 30+ years of sales and marketing experience to startups.  Including experience of founding my own startup that I sold.
Most small businesses, non-profits and public organizations do not have sales and marketing experience.
According to the Small Business Administration statistics, half of all new businesses don’t succeed to year five. Albert Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
Don’t become a statistic and don’t go insane, I can help.

Stop, Not Kill

More than 500 people die in gun accidents in the US every year.  Would’t it be great if none of those incidents ended in tragedy?

Stop, Not Kill has developed an ammunition round for use in law enforcement that is designed with the goal of non lethal results.

The SNK round is a patent-pending small arms round intended for the most common police calibers. It’s being designed to be used interchangeably in all police side arms.  It’s at the engineering stage, and is NOT yet for sale.  We will be raising research and development funds via IndieGoGo. 

We have the basic engineering models done, and plan to proceed to mathematical simulation, followed by developmental testing.  Come visit us to learn more.


The Love Story

We believe that social isolation comes from depression, and depression comes from suppressed expression.
Discover Your Narrative by journaling from the intimate, authentic, and raw interviews that resonate with you, also known as “Artist-Inspired Journaling”.
We exist to shift the perception of what pain is–not as something to be ashamed, dismissed, or avoided, but as an opportunity to grow emotionally, spiritually, and creatively.

Wild at Heart Ojai

We are dedicated to crafting the most flavorful and nutrient dense food from only the best Organic California grown produce.

Wild At Heart Ojai is part of the slow food sustainable movement, changing the way people think about our food.

Our connections & commitment to sourcing local, organic, sustainable, whole food ingredients represents a fresh take on an industry that has long suffered from over-processed & unhealthy choices.

We implement these ideals and positive environmental practices in our kitchen & offer a new local 805 product that supports our organic farmers.


We will be picking our favorite #805StartupsQ3 posts to social media from the event.

Our favorites will get TWO FREE passes to LA Blockchain Week.

Be sure to tag your pics & video with @805startups and #805StartupsQ3 to be entered in the contest.

Everyone attending can claim a 20% discount code at the 805 Startups table on the expo floor.

*Free Access passes are limited to 16 in total and will be chosen based entirely on the subjective discretion of 805 Startups and what we think are the coolest posts to social media

Participating Events