Innovation & Growth Fair – Title Sponsorship


Innovation & Growth Fair – Title Sponsorship



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    • 20 complimentary passes to 3 VIP Lunches (3 Months)
    • 15 Exhibitor Spaces with Branded Section
    • Large Branding on all promotional materials for the Fair
    • Large Branding on all Signage at the Fair
    • Large Blurb About Your Company Placed on All Event Pages for the Fair
    • Ad Campaign Featuring Your Brand Involvement at the Fair (Stretched Over Time, Leading Up to the Fair
    • Event Related Content Marketing Materials – Enough for 7 Pushes a Week (3 Months)
    • Social Media Marketing Campaign – 7 Pushes Per Week (3 Months)
    • 2 Full Page Ads in Event Program
    • 5 Sponsored Workshop Stations with Sponsored Section
    • 1 Sponsored Speaker Panel
    • 1 Seat on Your Sponsored Speaker Panel
    • Video Capture and Content Created From Your Panel – Branding on full Video and Clips Created
    •  Highlighted as a Sponsor on 805 Startups Home Page – Featured Position
    •  Your Signage Placed at All Events (3 Months)
    •  6 Months of Advertising in our Podcast and Video Channel content – Announcements Segment
    •  Space to Set Up a Table at All Events (3 Months)


    •  “Presented By [Your Organization]” in the title of the Innovation & Growth Fair
    •  Top Branding on all materials related to the Innovation & Growth Fair