Numberwise is one of the early 805 Startups supporters. They have many clients that are 805 Startups members and team members.

Numberwise was founded by a new generation of accountants with one core objective; Give entrepreneurs the financial tools they need to succeed.

For most start-ups and growing businesses, the relationship between the business owner and the accountant is broken. A tax return is nice (and necessary), but what these businesses truly need is real-time data and actionable reporting metrics. But staffing a full accounting team isn’t realistic for most small businesses.

Through the use of cloud-based technologies and backed by years of accounting and tax experience, the team at Numberwise can provide your business with all the benefits of a corporate accounting department – from the simple-but-time-consuming tasks of paying bills and processing payroll to the more complicated areas of budgeting and forecasting. And by outsourcing the job, the services can scale with your business.

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