Pitch to your Peers allows you to pitch your idea or company to our community with the purpose of getting invaluable feedback.

It is a great opportunity to prepare before you pitch to investors, potential co-founders, strategic business partners, clients, or any other audience.

We will try to give you advice and insight into what your intended audience may connect with or be concerned with.

The event also allows for you to build relationships with potential mentors, investors, clients, users, and more. Half the event will be reserved for people scheduling ahead. Half the event will be open to anyone in attendance to step up to the mic. We want to give everyone a chance to pitch. Especially, if they find their courage after watching others go first.

After the event we will have time for informal networking.

This is an ongoing series we are holding each month with Pharos Center for Innovation in Camarillo. Be sure to check them out: https://www.pharoscenter.com/


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