Innovation and Growth Fair Q3 – Agoura Hills – Wed September 26

June 11, 2018 Agoura Hills, Upcoming Events


The purpose of this event is to promote personal and professional growth while inspiring innovation at all levels.

You will be exposed to many different people and companies in an environment designed to foster authentic relationships between one another.

This event is for anyone and everyone.

We are all part of the same economic ecosystem and it is important to recognize that the stronger we are as a community the stronger we are as individuals and as a shared economy.

This FREE quarterly event will feature an expo floor and speaking panels where you can:

• Meet startups, investors, educators, businesses, & your government officials from across the region

• Discover job opportunities and ways to grow your career

• Showcase your business on our expo floor (small fee)

• Learn how to start and grow a startup

• Learn how to raise funds, plan for an exit, & find startups to invest in

• Connect with over 50 mentors offering free advice and consultation on our expo floor




mentor matchup

mentor matchup



Special Discounts Available for Exhibiting and Sponsorship Packages

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