Your Game in 54 Hours


September 6th to 8th Weekend – Hub101 in Westlake Vilalge

Form a Team

Learn From Experts

Build Your Game

We have created an ideal environment where you can collaborate with like-minded individuals to learn how to develop and launch a successful business around any game you can dream up. Video and table top game ideas are both welcome!

Become a Mentor

Throughout the weekend we are seeking mentors to run 30-minute micro workshops to expose people to best practices, insights, and new skills.

We are also seeking mentors to be on site and float from team to team to offer guidance and feedback throughout the event.

Mentors can volunteer as much or as little as they wish.  You can run more than one workshop and be present each day, or you could just come join us for an hour to run a workshop.

Any bit of support is appreciated and will make a huge impact on the community and the individuals at the event.

Please review the workshops we still need a mentor to lead and the windows we need floating mentors on site, below. 

Register as a mentor by filing out the form at the bottom of the page.


Workshop Schedule

Day 1: Sept 6, 10 to 10:30p – Effective Project Management

Day 1: Sept 6, 10:30p to 11p – UX for Gaming


Day 2: Sept 7, 9:30a to 10a – Introduction to Game Development: Character Design, Story Design, and World Building

Day 2: Sept 7, 10a to 10:30a – Introduction to Unreal


Day 2: Sept 7, 10:30a to 11a – Introduction to Gamemaker


Day 2: Sept 7, 11a to 11:30a – Introduction to Unity


Day 2: Sept 7, 1:00 to 1:30p  – How to Monetize and Validate Your Game

Day 2: Sept 7, 1:30 to 2p – Crowdfunding for Games

Day 2: Sept 7, 2p to 2:30p – Sound Design & Music Design for Games

Day 2: Sept 7, 2:30p to 3p – How to License Creative Assets and Utilize Open Source Assets


Day 2: Sept 7, 3:30p to 4p – Animation


Day 2: Sept 7, 4:30p to 5p – How to Build and Manage Your Community of Players by Building a Strong Brand and Culture

Day 2: Sept 7, 5p to 5:30p – Marketing for Games

Day 2: Sept 7, 7:30p to 8p – How to Design an Effective Pitch Deck

Day 3: Sept 8, 10a to 10:30a – Business Strategy for Games


Day 3: Sept 8, 11a to 11:30a – How to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Day 3: Sept 8, 1:30p to 2p – Business Finance for Games


Floating Mentors -- Area of Expertise

Technical:  Unity, Gamemaker, Unreal, etc

Design:  Game Design, UX, Sound, Pixel, 3D, Character, World, Level, Dialogue, Misc. Art Mediums, Concept Art, Music, Quests, Writing, Effects, Animation, Gameplay Design, Combat Design, etc

Business:  Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, PR, Pitching, Project Management, Publishing, Legal, Team Building, Team Management, Business Models, Monetization, Community Development and Management, Customer Support, Fundraising, etc

Miscellaneous:  We welcome ANY mentor that can contribute their insights and experiences—the above list is just a starting point based on our own knowledge.

Floating Mentors -- Windows to Participate

Day 1: 6:30pm to 12am

Day 2: 10am to 10pm

Day 3: 10am to 4pm


Every mentor will be able to request for us, the organizers, to reach out to specific people or organizations with an invitation to attend or participate in the event. We hope to help you leverage your participation in fostering new relationships with those you are most interested in meeting.

Register as a Mentor