Our Supporters

It takes an immense amount of effort, capital, and time to do what we do for you and our shared communities.

Many are surprised to learn we are only a team of two persons.  With the support we receive through our memberships and sponsors we are able to be more effective and more impactful.  That support also allows us to keep going–now more than ever before as we struggle to restructure our in person events and programs to a fully virtual environment due to Covid.

We want to highlight those that are supporting our mission to inspire, educate, and foster authentic relationships while making our shared communities stronger.  We can’t speak enough to the appreciation we have for them.

Supporting Members

Ray Caldwell

Adam Shawn

Conor O'Brien

Mimi Chen

Dallon Penney

Pavan Kanugo

Martin Nenov

Ed Brancieri

Blake Livingston

Nicole Goren

Premium Members