City of Agoura Hills

The City of Agoura Hills is nestled within the Conejo Valley of Los Angeles, California.

It is a beautiful city with wide open spaces, access to wondrous hiking trails, home to a vast bicycling community, mere miles from the ocean along Malibu’s coastline, and only 20 miles from LA proper.

It is home to many celebrities, corporate leaders, and active investors at all levels (angel, VC, PE).  The community also boasts a high number of entrepreneurs. All of these people have led to a spirit of entrepreneurship that is intrinsic to the culture of Agoura Hills and Conejo Valley.

Entrepreneurial skills are passed along from generation to generation.  Today, these skills are applied to the creation of startups in the area.

You will find many amazing opportunities and support in the city.  Together, we are working to expand on those and to address the growing needs of an evolving city that is focused on not getting left behind as society and technology progresses.

If you are interested in being a resident or if you are interested in growing your business within Agoura Hills, contact us now:

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    2017, 2018
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    City, Government
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    City of Agoura Hills
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