Call for Sponsors, Hub101 Hacks: Gaming

We are seeking sponsors to bring more resources and support to the community.

Sponsors will help us provide food, drinks, production materials, and much more to the participants of the event.

Most importantly, sponsors will help us keep the ticket prices as low as possible to make this event accessible to more people in our community.

Sponsorship Packages

Signature Sponsor – $1,500

  • The event will be branded with your company name in the title: “Presented by [your brand]”
  • An event program will be produced, you’ll get three full pages to utilize any way you wish
  • Every portion of the event will mention your brand and thank you
  • You’ll have up to ten minutes to deliver a keynote on the opening ceremony of Day 1 or the closing ceremony of Day 3
Limited to one sponsor

Platinum Sponsor – $500

  • One Lunch or Dinner will be “Presented by [your brand]”
  • You can present one Community Award during the closing ceremony on Day 3
  • You can have up to 3 minutes to address the audience during the opening or closing ceremony
Limited to five sponsors

Gold Sponsor – $300

  • You can have up to one minute to address the audience during the opening or closing ceremony

Silver Sponsor – $150

  • You and your company will be called on to raise your hand(s) so that the audience can identify you and get to build a relationship with you

All sponsors will gain access to the opening day and closing day ceremonies, including the dinners. 

All sponsors will be named and thanked during the opening and closing ceremonies. 

If a Signature Sponsor is obtained, all sponsors will be thanked in the Event Program.