Help Save 805 Startups — Just Change Your Ink/Toner/Printing Supplier

United Supply Partners with 805 Startups

Hey everyone!

Things are tough right now as we restructure 805 Startups to be fully virtual. To help us fund that process a dear family friend has partnered with up with us. They have a local business that supplies all things related to office printing.  Funny enough the name is United Supply!

Like us, they’re dealing with some Covid hardships. So, you can help us both get through this!

All you gotta do is use United Supply for all your printing supply needs. 

Check out their website to scope out what they have to offer.

In addition to sharing a healthy share of revenue with 805 Startups, they’ll give you a 10% discount for supporting us too if you go through us for your order!

Explore Their Offerings

How To Order

Shoot Gary a message to facilitate the deal or use the contact form below. 💖

Order From United Supply