Innovation & Growth Fair - Q4


December 12th, 3PM TO 7PM

3pm to 7pm


Agoura Hills Recreation Center

29900 Ladyface Court, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

A collaborative experience

Come meet and learn from a wide range of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies that are coming together to offer you more support than any one of us could provide alone.  Your success and growth is a success for our shared community.

Over 40 Mentors and Workshops

Connect with floating mentors or with mentors running micro workshops on a myriad of topics to help you grow professionally and personally

Discover Businesses

Exhibiting businesses on our expo floor will be showcasing what they do, looking for new hires, looking for investors, and looking for partners

Connect With Your Government

Meet representatives from many government agencies looking to connect you to an abundance of resources and learn how they can better serve you

Expert Speaker Panels

Sit in on two panels featuring experts to help you learn "How to Grow a Business" and "Fundraising and Investment Strategies"

Meet Non-Profits

Explore non-profits from across the region that are intent on supporting you and your community

Over 400 Attendees

Connect with the people from your community that share in the value of promoting growth and innovation.

Support Your Regional Charities

Let's get into the holiday spirit! Help us fundraise and raise awareness for great causes with raffles, silent auctions, a food drive, and a toy drive

Great Opportunities To Get Involved

Be a Mentor

Volunteer one hour to share your experience in any personal or professional topic you wish. There is no easier way to demonstrate your expertise and value while building long lasting trust with the community.

Be an Exhibitor

Showcase your organization to over 400 attendees. Attract new hires, investors, customers, or strategic partners. For profits, non profits, and government agencies of all types are encouraged to participate. No fee for non profits.

Be a Sponsor

Gain a variety of special benefits to build your brand, drive sales, and support other strategic objectives while giving back to your community by becoming a sponsor.

Make a Donation

We are looking for some fun, big ticket items for our raffles and silent auctions


Secrets to Success

This panel will take a deep dive into recurring patterns for success. 

Our speakers will share their journeys to be successful individuals and explore how they manage their time, their expectations, and overcome adversity.

You will have ample opportunity to ask the panel your own questions.

3:00pm to 4:00pm

Speakers To Be Announced

How to Start and Grow Your Business

Come learn how to start and grow a business from two incredibly experienced and successful guest speakers.

We will cover how to bring your idea to life, how to test it in the market, and how to generate traction that fuels your growth and success.

You will have ample opportunity to ask the panel your own questions.

4:00pm to 5:00pm

Davis Brimer

A Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, and C-Suite Executive.

Davis’s professional passion is to lead and work alongside visionary creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs to realize great ideas into commercial realities. I’m a seasoned executive who conceptualizes and creates new markets, builds strategic and operating plans, and leads passionate teams to execute and grow. 

Davis has an abundance of experience starting and growing businesses to great success.  He’s looking forward to sharing his experiences and insights with you.

Women in Business: insights into a woman's pursuit of a business or career

Learn from incredibly inspirational and successful women in your community.  You’ll hear about their journeys to pursue a career or business venture and explore the unique perspective of being a woman.

5:00pm to 6:00pm

Kim M. Williams

Kim Williams is no stranger to the world of entertainment. She has worked over 20 years in the
television and film industry. After graduating from the University of North Texas with a degree in
Radio-TV-Film, she began her career in Post Production working on several TV projects before
transitioning to the creative side in TV Development for Viacom Productions and the WB Network.

With her extensive industry experience, Kim was invited by the 2017 Piton Independent Film
Festival in St. Lucia to teach a three-day Master Class in Producing. From there, she developed a
passion for teaching young Black filmmakers how to create and produce an industry-standard
project from beginning to end. She has facilitated workshops in Botswana, Kenya, and Rwanda.  Her classes cover writing, production, and post production.

Kim is currently developing new series for inkSpot Entertainment and focusing on sharing her experience and knowledge in Production workshops across the world.

Fundraising & Exit Strategies, and Investment Strategies

Top investors will share advice and insights for founders to successfully fundraise and exit. 

The panel will also help accredited investors learn how to become angel investors and invest in VC Funds in order to put capital back into our communities.

6:00pm to 7:00pm

Richard Wolpert

A pioneer in the fields of technology, consumer digital media and entertainment for more than 25 years. Extensive experience as an executive, entrepreneur and as an investor.

Responsible for many “firsts” throughout his career including: conceiving of and teaching the first Macintosh Programming Class at Stanford University (CS 193C), the first multi-user address book for the Macintosh (TouchBase), the first kids internet subscription service (Disney’s Daily Blast), the first Tivo-like product for the Internet Radio (BitBop Tuner), the first legitimate music subscription service for the Internet (MusicNet), and the first legitimate online movie subscription service (Starz! On Demand). Successfully negotiated ground breaking deals with several of the major media companies whose content became the basis for many of these products

As an investor, managed personal investment fund, Chance Technologies (1995 to Present), served as an advisor to Accel Partners (2006 to Present), served as a partner at the Yucaipa Companies (1998 to 2000), and served as the Managing Director or the Mail Room Fund (2008 to 2010). Invested in more than 30 companies, a large percentage of which have had successful exits or continue on as successful companies, including: AdECN, AMG, AndroMedia, AudioMill, Data Sage, GameFly, GameSpy, Kongregate,, People Support, Smilebox, Sometrics, Three Rings, Scopely, PlayDek, and Universal Audio.


Ray Caldwell

I’m excited to meet startup founders and those who are looking for funding.

I would love to help you with the following:

Communicating one UVP through a 30 second elevator pitch. Organizing and presenting a pitch deck. Engagement Marketing – how to talk with anyone about your dream.

Donavon Urfalian

I’m excited to meet Startup founders, advisors, and investors.​

I’m Software Engineer with Data Science experience. From ideation to startup launch, I’ve years of experience helping startup founders go from ideation to team building to software app launch. I’ve hosted events where startup founders pitch to investors, and coffee shop meetings for the past two years here in Los Angeles.


Taylor Adnan

I’m excited to meet people who work in or are interested in hardware products (non SAS).

I can help with Manufacturing, Sourcing, Crowdfunding

Timothy Dir

I’m excited to meet startup founders with physical products and other manufacturers. 

I can assist with Business Operations, Finance, Manufacturing.

Neal Roche

I’m excited to meet Investors & start up founders in various markets IT Hardware/ software/ SAAS/ FinTech & Blockchain markets Energy Storage / Efficiency / Clean Transportation.

I can help with start up fundraising. I’ve done 4 start ups and raised money from multiple Angel groups. IT Hardware/ software/ SAAS/ FinTech & Blockchain markets Energy Storage / Efficiency / Clean Transportation I’ve been CEO at startups and Exec VP at public companies doing M&A.


GDM (Game Developers Meetup)

Game Developers Meetup Group. Based at Hub101 in Westlake Village, CA.

We will meet monthly for a dev night, with more events to be announced later.

If you bring your passion, and we’ll provide the community of fellow developers.

Come get to know us to discover the larger game development community in your own backyard.


CV Make is a Makerspace created to serve the Southern California, Conejo Valley area.

We support and embrace the resurgence of hands‐on Do‐It‐Yourself and maker culture through classes, meetups, membership, and community outreach where engineers, artists, students, and entrepreneurs can make ideas into real things. 

We will be leading a think tank about “What a Makerspace can do for YOU and the Conejo Valley”.

Stop by to join us in the discussion and learn more about our passion for makerspaces.

Surya-Chandra Foundation

“Empowering women to eclipse poverty and inequality”

We firmly believe that man and woman, need to be treated equal. Unfortunately, there are many countries where women are treated less equal to men. 

Our mission is to stop violence against women, and empower underprivileged women to rise above poverty and inequality through encouragement, basic education, and vocational skills.


Hacker Fund

We empower technologists to create social change. We work with schools and municipalities to expose community stakeholders to career pathways in S.T.E.A.M. and entrepreneurship.

We organize workshops, hackathons, and summits year-round where Hacker Fund members can access mentors and learn trade, technology, and business-development skills.

We also operate a technology incubator through which we provide our members with mentorship, funding frameworks, prototyping tools, and space they need to build projects that help the disadvantaged, educate the broader community, and protect the environment.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Conejo Valley

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Conejo Valley is dedicated to providing safe spaces for the children in our communities to develop and grow as people, as citizens, and as leaders.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of young people and their families by providing a positive environment that cultivates academic success, healthy lifestyles, good character, and citizenship. And let’s be honest, to have a great time along the way!

Linked inGenious

Linked inGenious gives businesses the tools they need to build strong relationships with clients because every sale starts with a relationship.

Many More Speakers, Exhibitors, Mentors, and Workshops to Be Announced


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